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FIT Bodywrap Results: Melissa’s Amazing Skin Improvements

FIT Bodywrap Lover: Melissa W. Killeen, TX

FIT Bodywrap Real Results Melissa's Amazing Skin Improvements

The results from FIT Bodywrap sessions are incredible and can include highly desired outcomes such as weight loss, detoxification, skin rejuvenation, pain relief and relaxation. We love to hear from FIT Bodywrap lovers and support them in achieving their goals. We also LOVE seeing body wrap before and after pictures, that’s what we call FITspiration!

We recently spoke with Melissa in Texas about her experience with FIT Bodywrap and just had to share. She reached out to us to share how infrared has greatly improved the condition of her skin. Melissa has a skin condition called PLEVA which causes many raised spots or lesions on the body. Before beginning infrared sessions, she experienced a flare up and decided to document her results with pictures.

We chatted with Melissa about her healthy lifestyle, staying hydrated, FIT Session results and how they played a part in rejuvenating her skin. We also learned that the FIT Booster is part of her regular skincare routine! Here’s what Melissa shared with us.

What triggered your interest in infrared & FIT Bodywrap? My initial interest was started by a weekly drawing for a FIT session at my tanning salon. She had just gotten the equipment and wanted to promote it. I was already interested, due to my skin condition, PLEVA, which is helped by tanning so I wanted to see how the FIT Bodywrap would help with detoxing my skin.  

When did you start and how long have you been doing sessions? I have been doing sessions on and off for the last 3 months. I usually do 2-3 60 minute sessions a week. 

What is your goal and how many times each week or month do you wrap? Although the FIT wrap is advertised more towards weight loss and cellulite, I use and love this product because it helps make my skin feel healthy with is a really big deal to me. 

What is your favorite benefit and why? When I was first diagnosed with this skin disease my skin was covered with blister-like red pox. I was polka-dotted for 2-3 months. Once the blisters and scabs started to heal, I started to tan to even out my skin tones due to the left behind white stops from the scabs. My favorite thing is that I really do feel like the FIT Bodywrap helps detox my skin and leaves it feeling toned and smooth. 

FIT Bodywrap Real Results Melissa's Amazing Skin Improvements

In addition to infrared sessions what do you find to be effective to reach your personal wellness goals? I am already a very health conscious person. I love to run and do yoga, but also spend a lot of time being active rather than doing traditional workouts. The FIT Bodywrap gives me just an extra kick of motivation because I always feel refreshed and satisfied afterwards.  

Have you made any lifestyle changes? I do lead a healthy lifestyle and am even pursuing a degree in Health and Wellness! However, because of the body wrap I have now increased my water intake. I have never been a big soda drinker, so I mostly stick with juices mixed with water. Now, I drink water over anything else. 

How do you make sure you stay hydrated? I carry water bottles with me everywhere I go. I even keep a case of water in the back seat of my car to make sure I always have it with me. I also have a canvas bag I carry into work with me every day. I make sure I always have at least 6 bottles of water in my bag and make it a goal to drink them before work lets out. 

Do you use the FIT Booster, what do you love about it? I do use the FIT Booster and I love it. I feel like the FIT Booster enhances the results of the FIT Bodywrap. I focus on my problem areas, like my hips, belly and thighs. I always feel like my skin is extra soft and healthy because of the FIT Booster. 

How do you feel that FIT Bodywrap has made a positive impact on your life? Although my disease has no cure, I can be proactive about preventing future flare ups. Using the FIT Bodywrap in combination with tanning has definitely helped my disease stay at bay. I have noticed that if I do go more than a couple weeks without using the system, I get minor spots flaring up, but have been lucky enough to not have a flare up as bad as the first time. 

Thank you for sharing your FIT Bodywrap results, inspiring story and images with us, Melissa! As you’ve discovered, infrared heat can help rapidly promote the regeneration of the skin and expel hard to remove toxins at the same time! Infrared heat therapy can also increase the growth of cells and the rate of DNA and protein synthesis necessary during tissue repair and regeneration.  We are so happy to see you taking care of your skin and enjoying the wonderful health benefits infrared heat can provide!

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