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FIT February Challenge: Jessica’s Results

The FIT February Challenge was a difficult but rewarding experience.  Although I only completed 10 sessions (I know, I know!) I still experienced a ton of the benefits delivered by the FIT Bodywrap. 

Week 1

The first week was the hardest. I was still trying to figure out how to squeeze sessions into an already jam-packed schedule, and as someone who is seriously attached to her routine, I really struggled at first to make time for my wraps…or so I thought. What I learned in the first week was that and extra hour and a half only SEEMS like a lot of time. Having to make space in my schedule really made me push the boundaries of efficiency, cutting out the less productive portions of my day, like the hour (okay okay, maybe 2 hours) that I spend before bed watching the latest Netflix Original. The benefits I experienced were incredibly smooth skin, thanks to the FIT Booster Spray, and better sleep.

Week 2

Again, after realizing that fitting 3 sessions into my schedule was entirely possible, I began to actually relax during my wraps. Instead of talking on the phone, scrolling on social media, or watching Netflix in the room, I actually started to take naps during my sessions, which helped increase my energy levels even more. Again, my skin felt incredible, I was sleeping like a rock, and this is actually where I started to see physical changes in my body. Towards the end of week 2 my arms looked more trim and I was fitting into my clothes better. 

Week 3

During week 3 I really began to look forward to my sessions and my “wrap-naps.” I also noticed that I was recovering faster from my workouts than I typically do. This was also where I experienced my peak amount of weight loss. By my 7th wrap in February I had lost 5 lbs. total. I was looking good and feeling great. 

Week 4

This week should have been my best, but unfortunately I was only able to complete one of my wraps. Although I felt guilty for not completing the challenge, I was still experiencing the benefits from the last few weeks.

jess BA

Pro tips:

Buddy up – Just like the gym, try having an accountabili-buddy to talk, plan, and share with. One of my favorite things about FIT February was coming into the office and comparing sessions with the rest of the team. My wraps could feel vastly different from day to day depending on a number of things, and it was reassuring to know that I wasn’t the only one whose sessions varied. If you can’t find someone to do them with you, at least tell someone what you are up to so that you can still share your experience and feel like you are checking in periodically.

Plan ahead – Pack lunch, clothes, snacks, etc. a day in advance. This was huge for me, as I have a tendency to rush around and forget things in the morning.  Asking yourself, “Do I really need to run home to change before the gym, or can I just pack clothes and a snack and go straight from work?” What takes 5 minutes to prep could save you 30 – 45 minutes in the long run.   

Boost results – the FIT Booster Spray makes a huge impact on the softness of your skin. Use it! You can also boost results by combining FIT Bodywrap sessions with a healthy meal plan and workout routine. This does NOT necessarily mean overhauling your entire life. I ended up bringing my lunch every day and working out (30min 3x/week) via free YouTube videos and felt amazing.

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