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FIT February Challenge: Jennifer’s Results

The FIT February Challenge was just that…a challenge! I completed all 12 sessions and one bottle of the magic elixir that is FIT Booster. During this month-long journey, I experienced a lot of things, and received some expected and some not-so-expected results.

Week 1

The first week of the challenge I noticed a difference in my skin. Anyone who has had a baby can tell you your body goes through some strange periods of transition, unfortunately aside from accumulating cellulite I also developed tiny bumps on my upper arms that never went away. These tiny invisible bumps were resilient to any sort of treatment I threw at them.  Within the first week not only did these bumps begin to disappear but my skin overall was very soft to the touch. Lifestyle changes I made the first week were making smarter food choices, add to my workout routine and to go to bed earlier.

20190206 190550

Week 2

During the second week my skin continued to clear up on my arms and to my surprise I noticed the cellulite on my arms and legs appeared to be smoother. Another change to note was the shift in my sleep quality, I was sleeping more soundly during the night. I also noticed that my muscles didn’t feel as fatigued after my workouts. Changes I made during my second week was add FIT Booster pre-workout. Knowing the ingredients in the FIT Booster work with applied heat, it only makes sense that I use it while being active in any form.

jen and jess workout

Week 3

Week three was a great one, as I had the most gains, I felt rested and my overall mood was great. I could feel a mental shift, the cloudiness had lifted and I was feeling refreshed.  I can only attribute this to the quality of sleep I was getting and surge of serotonin from my wrap sessions. My Pilates instructor brought to my attention that she noticed increased strength and flexibility in my practice. At this point the tiny bumps on my arms had diminished once and for all, cellulite continued to reduce, and I had an overall great sense of self. Lifestyle changes made was adding an additional day on to my weekly workout routine.

Week 4

The final week of the challenge was a week of reflection of everything I had done and accomplished for myself. This month long journey has now extended into my weekly routine, I have continued my workout plan as well as attending FIT Bodywrap sessions. Although I am not doing FIT Bodywrap sessions in the frequency of three a week but rather one to two a week I am still reaping the benefits I have gained throughout this challenge. I look forward to discovering what other things I will experience as a result of this new routine and lifestyle change.

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