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FIT Bodywrap Results: Hana


FIT Bodywrap Lover: Hana A. San Diego, CA

The results from FIT Bodywrap sessions are seen around the world and include highly desired outcomes such as weight loss, detoxification, skin rejuvenation, pain relief and relaxation. We love to hear from FIT Lovers and support them with achieving their goals. We also LOVE seeing body wrap before and after pictures, that’s what we call FITspiration!

This is Hana, a college student and salon employee. She reached out to us with a great story about how her focus on health and wellness has created a positive shift in her life. We sat down with Hana and discussed her fitness goals, FIT Session results and found out how she’s improved her quality of life with infrared sessions. We also learned that while she’s body wrapping she enjoys listening to music and binge watching Orange Is the New Black on Netflix 😉 Here’s what Hana shared with us.

Q: What triggered your interest in infrared & FIT Bodywrap?

A: Before the new year began I decided that I wanted to get fit. Honestly, a breakup had a part in it too, because I wanted to better myself and not dwell! I also had weight that I wanted to lose.

Q: When did you start your journey and how long have you been doing sessions?

A: I’ve been doing FIT Bodywrap sessions, working out and making healthy meal choices since January 2016. I got my gym membership the March before and kind of fell off my routine when school started so towards the end of December 2015 I weighed 163 lbs. Thanks to FIT Bodywrap sessions and my focus on a healthy lifestyle for the past 6 months I am now at 149 lbs!

Q: What is your goal?

A: Truthfully, it’s to be healthy. I don’t want to deprive myself, no strict crazy diets. All I want is to be happy and healthy and I feel like I’m really on the right track!

Q: Besides weight loss, what’s your favorite FIT Bodywrap benefit and why?

A: Sessions help me feel more refreshed, after wrapping and working out I feel that I’ve eliminated all toxins from my body. There’s no better way to put it than just I feel good!

Q: How many times a week do you wrap?

A: About 2 times each week. I try to incorporate sessions with a workout, sometimes I’ll wrap before work, but if I can, I like to do it before my workouts. I set goals to workout 5 days each week (besides finals weeks!)

Q: In addition to sessions what type of workouts do you find to be effective?

A: 30 mins of cardio, abs every workout, legs every other day and not too much on the arms. I notice that I have more energy to do my work out after a session which is really nice, especially after a long day!

Q: What type of diet changes have you made?

A: Nothing too crazy, I still eat what I want. I’ve made the decision to eat cleaner and that means more protein, quinoa, brown rice, veggies. Something that also made a huge difference was switching out empty carbs with foods that provides me with more energy. Like quinoa, it sounds funny, but quinoa helps me feel great.

Q: What’s your favorite healthy snack?

A: I love anything with hummus! Celery and carrots with garlic flavored hummus. Yum!

Q: How do you make sure you stay hydrated?

A: I drink water all day, every day. On the days that I wrap I get a big gallon jug and try to finish it by the end of the day. It can be slightly irritating because it makes me constantly need to use the ladies room, but it has really helped my skin!

Q: What’s your favorite FIT Booster feature?

A: One of my favorite things about the FIT Booster is that I can use it when I work out too, it helps me sweat more. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in my cellulite. Using the FIT Bodywrap system in conjunction with the FIT Booster has really helped my skin. I swear by it and promote it to my friends and clients.

Q: How do you feel that FIT Bodywrap has made a positive impact on your life?

A: I feel that FIT sessions have really helped me feel more refreshed, lose weight, feel like I have more energy and encourage more positivity in my life. Additionally, having a plan in place has kept me on track and for that I am thankful!

Thank you, Hana! We are excited to see your body wrap before and after pictures, hear about your body wrap results and play a part in your wellness regime. Another great success story with the FIT Bodywrap system!

Hana ITAN Before and After

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