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FIT February Challenge: Annie’s Results

My primary goal for the FIT February challenge was kick starting new healthy habits. I had done 12 sessions in February of 2018 with amazing success (I lost 4 inches in 4 weeks doing nothing but FIT Sessions), but I hadn’t prioritized doing regular FIT sessions since, so I had gained the weight back. Needless to say, I was excited to see what changes I could make this February.

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I wasn’t able to complete all 12 sessions, unfortunately, and I also wasn’t able to add regular exercise to my schedule the way I had planned – my life became overwhelmingly busy, and I found myself working 16 hour days for most of February. This made it fairly difficult to squeeze in sessions and even more so to find time to work out. I found that even with only 8 sessions in the month of February, I was sleeping better, handling the stress of full-time employment and self-employment better than I would have otherwise, and I still lost a total of six inches from my efforts, including 3.5″ in my waist!

annie BA

Even though I wasn’t able to complete all 12 sessions, I absolutely achieved my goal of kickstarting a new fitness routine. Seeing that the inch loss was achievable and noticeable gave me the motivation I needed to step up my game and start working out regularly.

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