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FIT Bodywrap Maintenance Q&A with Cody Hundley

Commercial grade body wraps, like the FIT Bodywrap system can be used day in and day out, allowing multiple clients to enjoy sessions. But, how does it hold up client after client? Proper maintenance. Maintaining your FIT Bodywrap system is part of being a Certified Provider and it’s true, without proper maintenance your equipment may not last as long. We interviewed Cody Hundley, FIT Bodywrap’s IT & Repair Specialist to get all the deets on how to properly care the FIT Bodywrap system. Here’s a little bit about Cody and what he recommends for upkeep.

Q: Tell us about your background, how long you’ve been working with FIT Bodywrap and why you got into IT and repairs.

A: Prior to joining the FIT Bodywrap team I spent 13 years working for an IT company doing business consulting, IT, and repairs on electronics. Doing this type of work has given me the skills to quickly troubleshoot and diagnose issues to find the quickest and most cost effective way to complete a repair or assist with technical questions. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been fascinated by technology and I think that is what makes me good at what I do!

I’ve been a part of the FIT Bodywrap team over a year now and in that time I have taken over the IT and technical support department to ensure that all Certified Providers can get fast and accurate assistance when they need it.

Q: What’s the best way to care for a body wrap and set of arm wraps?

A: Proper cleaning is SO important, it’s the most important thing. Also, advising clients to take off their jewelry and not allowing clients to wrap right after a spray tan can help. Make sure that every client is wearing their FIT Coat as the FIT Coat was designed specifically for the FIT Bodywrap system. Its job is to act as a barrier between the client and the body wrap, capturing the sweat and residue.

Q: What’s the recommended way to care for a controller?

A: Keep it clean and keep it in a well ventilated area. It can be helpful to clean out or spray compressed air into the fan and vents to remove built up dust and debris.

Q: If I think I’m having a technical issue what are the steps I should take to resolve it?

A: It depends on the issue, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! The first steps would be to get in touch with a FIT Bodywrap team member. Then, make sure you’re available to troubleshoot over the phone and please have the following information readily available:

  • Component experiencing challenge and list of steps that have been tried.
  • Serial number of Body Wrap and/or Arm Wraps/Controller
  • Your account information.

Once this information is gathered, we can take the proper steps to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Q: We know accidents happen, if something does get broken, how fast can you do a repair and what’s the process?

A: Again, this depends on the repair. Some can be done within 24-48 business hours; more complex repairs may require additional time for testing. During all repairs I keep the certified provider in the loop during the entire process and I never make any decisions without their approval.

Q: Any infrared body wrap manufacturer will tell you, the wrap itself is a wear and tear item. How often do I need to replace my wrap?

A: Similar to a light bulb or tires on a car, over time your body wrap will start to show signs of how much it is “loved” by all of your customers! When you should replace it will depend on usage and how your body wrap is cared for. FIT Bodywrap systems do come with a warranty, if you’d like to check yours get in touch.

Q: Do you suggest a weekly, monthly, quarterly maintenance schedule? What would that include?

A: It’s crucial that providers clean the wrap daily and within 15 minutes after each use. Make sure to clean thoroughly with a hospital grade disinfectant, it may also be a good idea to wipe down with a wet cloth after to make sure that all cleaning solutions or residues have been removed.

Weekly, all cords and plugs should be inspected and detangled if they are tangled up, tangling may cause tension on the cords.

Monthly, staff should check the system to make sure each zone is heating properly. This can be done by running a session with no persons in the wrap.

We also suggest doing a deep clean once a week to once a month depending on how many clients you see each day.

Q: Let’s recap, what are the most important maintenance tips you feel all CP’s should know?

  • First and foremost, keep it clean. This is not only going to help your equipment last, but it’s important for your clients as well. Put yourself in their shoes, no one wants to use equipment that has not been properly maintained!
  • Don’t use damaged equipment, if you are unsure, please contact us.
  • Don’t use equipment past its useful lifetime, it could be hazardous and safety needs to be a priority.
  • All clients need to wear a FIT Coat!
  • Use the wall-mount bracket for wall-mounted controllers, need one? Call us and we can help you out!
  • If you move your system from room to room and you are unplugging things in the process be sure to gently and securely plug all items back in before starting another session
  • If you are using an external timer, make sure it’s connected properly
  • Surge protectors are recommended for electronic equipment. Again, we want to protect your investment from unforeseen circumstances, like a power outage.

Thank you, Cody! Those are great tips that all Certified Providers and infrared body wrap users can benefit from. When you make maintenance a top priority it enables you to reduce costs and protect your investment.

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