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FIT Bodywrap: How Often Can and Should You Do Sessions?

When we find a spa service we love, we want to experience it again and again. Who can blame us? If you’re reading this you may already know thatFIT Bodywrap sessions can help you feel great, lose weight, detox your body, relieve pain, rejuvenate the skin, help with sleep and assist with your wellness goals. For these reasons, and many more it can be hard not to count the minutes until the next time you can immerse your body in infrared again. But, can you enjoy an infrared session every day? And, how many sessions should you book to reach your wellness goals? We get it, you need to know how many sessions you should do to reach your specific goals. To give you some guidelines we’ve broken down the main benefits into categories. Of course, we always recommend that you listen to your body and take note of your results. It’s also crucial to drink water as the body needs it to produce sweat for many of the benefits to take effect. Keep in mind, drinking water before, during and after each session can help the body produce optimal sweat and assist with flushingmetabolized fats and toxins through bodily functions.

Weight Loss & Cellulite Reduction

If you’re on a weight loss journey it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle and plan ahead. When you combine regular weekly body wrap sessions with a sensible diet and exercise plan, you are likely to see progress!Those who want to shed some pounds can benefit from starting with about 3 sessions each week and cutting down to maintenance sessions when goals have been met.

Detoxification & Skin Rejuvenation

Our Clinical Director, Dr. Aaron Flickstein says the body can release up to 20% fats and toxins during one infrared session. However, if you have high toxicity levels it may take multiple sessions to feel the results you desire. The same goes for skin rejuvenation, while it’s completely possible to notice hydrated and smooth skin after one session it’s more likely that you’ll need multiple sessions to assist with skin concerns such as acne, aging, toning, tightening and more.

Pain Relief & Relaxation  

Infrared immersion can assist with quick relief for pain and many participants say they notice some relief about 20-30 minutes into their session. The relief is often felt for about 48 hours after a session and people who suffer from chronic pain may choose to do a session every other day. What about relaxation? Most participants notice this benefit after each and every session as infrared can regulate the stress hormone (cortisol) to induce deep relaxation. For many, a weekly FIT Bodywrap session is their time to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

How often can you do FIT Bodywrap sessions? Every day?

For most, a FIT Bodywrap session every other day is sufficient. Why every other and not every day? Giving yourself some time in between sessions to notice all the great benefits is a good way to take notice of how infrared is working in your body. To get the best results from your infrared sessions we always recommend hydrating (enough for your body!), choosing healthy meals and enjoying yourself!  Do  note that how you feel after each session may vary, but consistency can help you reach your wellness, weight loss and pain management goals.

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