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FIT Bodywrap® Client Testimonial – Q&A with Stephanie Partington

Certified Providers across the country are seeing an increase in sales and a boost in revenue due to client satisfaction with FIT Bodywrap®. The FIT Bodywrap can help maximize your ongoing return on investment upon getting your clients familiar with the system, establishing repeat FIT Bodywrap sessions and building buzz about your system’s benefits.

This month, we spoke to FIT Bodywrap® user Stephanie Partington. In this Q&A, Stephanie shares how she started using the FIT Bodywrap and what encourages her to maintain ongoing sessions.

Why did you start using FIT Bodywrap®?

I was encouraged to start using FIT Bodywrap® because my sister lost 15 pounds by using the system. I was inclined to start using it as soon as I noticed her weight loss! Of course, I did some research at first, but I was so amazed by my sister’s results that I knew I had to try it.

What is your FIT goal?

Well, my goal was to lose about 20 pounds. When I started using the FIT Bodywrap®, I was at 165 pounds. Now I’m at 140 pounds! When I started, I did experience some weight fluctuation, but I can certainly say that I’ve more than met my goal.

How does FIT Bodywrap® fit into your lifestyle?

It’s actually really easy to fit FIT Bodywrap® into my lifestyle. I don’t have any trouble booking an appointment at my local tanning salon. However, I noticed it’s been busier than normal because everyone is trying to get a session in for summer! There are a lot of iTAN facilities near my work and my home. I typically visit the one near my job in between my shifts, or sometimes I come in for a session later on in the evening.

What types of results have you seen with FIT Bodywrap®?

When I first started using FIT Bodywrap®, I went in for sessions for 2 weeks every other day; I noticed I was losing weight every single day! Overall, I lost about 25 pounds in less than six weeks. It’s amazing! I tell everyone I know about FIT Bodywrap. I was just out of town, and I was talking to some of the people I was with about FIT Bodywrap. Everyone was so impressed by how much weight I’ve lost.

How often do you use FIT Bodywrap®?

Initially when I started in May, I was going in for a FIT Bodywrap® session every other day. Now, I go in about once or twice a week. It’s more of a maintenance routine for me now.

What would you say to someone who may be interested in FIT Bodywrap®?

I tell everyone about it! People have certainly noticed the weight I’ve lost. I tell people at meetings, work, etc. I don’t usually recommend products unless I’ve tried them personally, and I recommend FIT Bodywrap® to everyone I come in contact with. At first, I was honestly a little hesitant, but after I talked to my sister and saw the results she’s gotten, I decided to try it.

To some people, laying in the heat for a full hour may not sound too appealing, but you can get out anytime you want. I let people know that you can listen to music and watch movies during your session. I love the cleansing benefits FIT Bodywrap provides, too. You start to feel clean on the inside.

What is your favorite thing about FIT Bodywrap®?

My favorite thing about FIT Bodywrap® is the calorie burn. It’s also really nice because you can just lay there and rest. It’s really relaxing. Each session allows you to have some alone time and recuperate from the busy work week!

Do you use the FIT Booster Spray in conjunction with the FIT Bodywrap®?

I do use the FIT Booster Spray in conjunction with the FIT Bodywrap®. I bought it when I first started using FIT Bodywrap. I have also used it at home a few times before going to the gym.

Are there other FIT regimens you’ve been doing in addition to FIT Bodywrap®?

I definitely wasn’t exercising, but I watching what I ate. I cut out alcohol for a month! I tried dieting, I tried the HCG diet as well as other weight loss remedies, but I ended up gaining the weight back. I could never get past losing more than 10 pounds until FIT Bodywrap®.

Where do you use FIT Bodywrap®?

I use the FIT Bodywrap® at tanning salons near my work and my home.

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