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FIT Bodywrap® Client Testimonial – Q&A with Jennifer Llaneta

Spring at last! As flowers start to bloom and green buds begin to appear, many Certified Providers across the country may find that more customers are looking to lose weight and detoxify in order to achieve that beach-ready body. The spring/summer seasons can be an ideal time to market FIT Bodywrap® and attract new clients, while providing loyal customers an incentive for return visits.

In this Q&A, FIT Bodywrap user Jennifer Llaneta shares how FIT Bodywrap has helped her embrace her physique and become the FIT and confident person she’s always aspired to be.

What made you start using FIT Bodywrap?

I started using FIT Bodywrap because I noticed I had extra belly fat, especially on my sides. Most people refer to this as the “muffin top.” I tried doing normal exercises like Zumba and the Stairmaster, but I did not see much results. I learned about FIT Bodywrap through my daughter, so I started to follow FIT on Facebook and did more research by looking through their website. After my first session, I was hooked!

How has FIT Bodywrap impacted your lifestyle?

FIT Bodywrap has helped boost my confidence level. After two weeks, I started noticing that my belly fat was no longer noticeable. Since I was pretty consistent in conducting sessions, it motivated me to start eating healthy so that I can maximize results as much as possible. When I first started, I came in three times a week for the first two months. Now, I come in for my maintenance sessions about twice a week.

What’s your favorite thing about FIT Bodywrap?

My favorite thing about FIT Bodywrap is that it helps me relax while burning off my excess fat! For me, it’s like a two in one! Especially after a long day of work, I believe relaxation is very important. When I come in for my FIT Bodywrap sessions, I get to unwind and just lay in the FIT Bodywrap completely stress-free.

What type of results have you seen so far?

My waist has definitely gotten smaller! My hourglass shape is finally visible, and a lot of my friends have noticed that my body looks much leaner and tighter. Also, I lost my “pouch,” which is something I’ve been working on for years but I could never seem to get rid of with just plain exercise. I started as a size 2-4, and I’m now a size 0! It may not be a huge change for most people, but for me my excess weight was very bothersome. I can honestly say I’m at my target weight!

How do you feel after a FIT Bodywrap session?

After my sessions, I always walk out feeling confident! My self-confidence is the most important thing I’ve acquired during my FIT journey. I get a lot of compliments from both men and women, and I tell them all the time that FIT Bodywrap is what helped me look this great! I highly recommend it for anyone looking to lose a couple of pounds. It really does work!

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