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9 Reasons You Should Have a Workout Partner – And How to Find One!


If you are looking to push yourself to new limits or your workout routine is in desperate need of a makeover, don’t fret there is a simple solution.  Get a workout partner now because having one can be a game changer.  Let’s face it, we all know that exercise is important and that it should be done consistently but sometimes it’s just plain hard to stay motivated.  That’s where having a good workout partner can save the day.

The benefits of a workout partner

Intuitively, you probably know that having someone to exercise with is a good ideaHere are several ways having a workout partner will help rekindle your passion for exercise and keep you on top of your health game.

  • They will keep you accountable with your schedule. It’s harder to skip out on your routine when someone is counting on you to be there!
  • You and your workout partner can set fitness goals together that you are both more likely to achieve with each other’s support.
  • Having a partner can push you to new limits through encouragement, competition, and safe spotting (especially for lifting). Pushing each other will lead to better strength, endurance, and a good old fashioned sweat session.
  • When you’re feeling unmotivated, they can remind you why you’re at the gym (or anywhere you are working out) busting your butt!
  • You will feel more motivated and less anxious to try new things (workout classes, specific exercise moves, etc.) with a partner in tow. Keeping variety in your workout routine can keep you both from getting bored.
  • Promote better balance in your workouts. You’re less likely to default to the same old workout every day when you have someone to help you keep it interesting.  A variety of cardio, lifting, balance, and stretching will keep you better engaged and healthy.
  • You will have someone to keep an eye on your form to minimize risk of injury and maximize the benefits of exercise.
  • Exercise by itself is good for stress management. It has been found that adding a workout partner helps manage that stress even further. It’s a win-win!
  • Sharing your exercise routine will ultimately make it more FUN. Exercise shouldn’t make you feel isolated and of course we can all use more fun in our lives.

How to choose a workout partner to maximize these benefits

Now that you know the benefits of a workout partner, it should be pretty clear that picking the right person is paramount.  If you have a partner that is negative or unmotivated it will defeat the whole purpose.

  • Find a workout partner you can be honest with, and comfortably discuss all of your health goals.
  • Exercise options are limitless, so find someone that has similar interests to you. Unless you’re both open to trying new things, then go for it.
  • A partner with a similar daily rhythm is key so that you can agree on a time of day to meet that works for both of you consistently.
  • Pick someone whom you enjoy being around, but who will also stay on task. Make sure your jaw isn’t the only thing being exercised when you guys get together.
  • Find someone that can maintain a positive outlook most of the time. The point of having a workout partner is to help pick each other up during times of negativity and lack of motivation. Just make sure it’s not always one or the other of you always doing the heavy lifting (literally and figuratively).

Thinking outside the box when you can’t find a workout partner

Having trouble finding a workout partner in your area with similar health goals and schedule?  Don’t give up hope, there are other options.

  • You can join an online workout group. These groups tend to collaborate on making a daily workout plan, and then check in with each other to make sure it was done.  There are plenty of free and paid options for this via social media, online forums, websites or apps.
  • Go to a workout class at your gym or in your community. If you find a class and instructor you love, you will instantly have a room full of workout partners.  As you become a regular, the teacher will probably feel comfortable calling you out when you miss a class.  How’s that for accountability?
  • Find a virtual partner. Does your perfect workout partner live in another city or country?  You can still hold each other accountable by making plans and periodically checking in with each other.  You can do this with someone you know or even hop onto an online fitness group and mention you’re looking for someone.   You’ll probably be surprised by how many people reach out and want to be supportive.

What’s next?

Congratulations!  You have found the perfect workout partner and now you’re on track for big things in maximizing your healthy lifestyle.  Remember that your partnership is a two-way street so don’t be afraid to reach out for support.   Just make sure to return the favor when they need a boost as well.

Go beyond support at the gym

Outside of exercise, you can find ways to encourage each other in other forms.  This could mean discussing diet, helping each other plan healthy weekly meals, or discussing other health trends you could participate in to get the best possible health outcomes.   As you push each other, don’t forget about the importance of taking time to relax and recuperate throughout the week as well.  This might mean a spa day, a social outing, finding a mindfulness practice, or infrared therapy.  Remember, life is all about balance!

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