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Feeling Down? Lose That Extra Weight

There is a definite link between how we look and how we feel. And often how we feel about ourselves is linked to our weight. It’s amazing how dropping just a few pounds can make a big difference in self esteem. Learn more about the mind-body connection and how you can quickly slim down to feel – and look – great!

Being Overweight Is a Serious Downer

It’s a staggering statistic, but today there are more overweight people than those who are underweight (about a billion worldwide with 300 million of those considered obese). It’s even worse when you consider the emotional toll being overweight takes on the majority of the population; it causes them to look older than they are, to feel less attractive, and it contributes to numerous health problems (particularly if that extra weight is carried around the abdomen).

Sometimes the emotional toll of being overweight is more severe than just its effects on your physical health. The more positive a person’s emotional outlook is, the longer she will live. Research has also shown that self esteem and confidence have a positive effect on memory, problem-solving ability and creativity. By having confidence in your outer self, you are much more likely to develop inner confidence that helps you cope better with all the stresses of everyday life.

Conversely, being overweight often causes people to perceive themselves negatively and undermine confidence in every aspect of their lives. They are often reluctant to become involved in social situations – everything from dating to attending parties – simply because of this lack of confidence and self-esteem. See this Gallup Wellbeing Poll for more information about weight and emotional health.

Losing Just a Little Helps a Lot

The good news is that even small reductions in weight can have an extremely beneficial effect on physical health and emotional wellbeing. The key is to create good goals, those that are achievable, realistic and focused on improving your health. It’s also important to celebrate achievement of smaller goals that help you get to the end objective.

We all know that losing those extra pounds takes two things: exercise and eating right. The more you can get up and move, the better. And the less you eat, the fewer calories you have to work off! Unfortunately, your body is cued to eat more when you exercise more so this can become a vicious cycle of moving more to lose weight but then getting hungrier and eating more, which negates all those calories you just burned.

But what if there was a third way to help people improve their BMI numbers and lose inches from the waist, hips, thighs and abdomen? There is such a tool and it’s called FIT® Bodywrap. Simply by using far infrared rays in the same wavelength as those found naturally in humans, the self-administered wrap system heats your body and causes it to produce sweat. Sweat production burns calories and you effortlessly lose pounds and inches in a single hour-long session!

If you are ready to get serious about controlling your weight and feeling better about yourself and your overall health, it’s time to incorporate weekly FIT® Bodywraps in your wellness routine. Isn’t it time you felt better about yourself – and looked great? Ask for FIT® Bodywraps wherever you tan, receive spa treatments or physical therapy.

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