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Expanding Services of Boutique Spas with The FIT Infrared Bodywrap

Leisure and business travel is about to explode which means that on-site amenities of hospitality motels, hotels, and extended stay facilities will be back in action. Travelers for business and leisure have pent up energy from the extended time at home and are looking to experience adventure, pampering, and feel-good services again.

The travel and hospitality industry will be taking note of the new demands and interests of travelers in 2022 and beyond. The emphasis on speedier service with less contact and more privacy doesn’t mean guests are not looking to be pampered in new and exhilarating ways. It means they are looking for a more personal approach to the staff and professionals at on-site gyms, spas, and salons.

The Things We Learned Today

Things have changed in all aspects of everyday life at home, work, play, and travel. Online life which was steady moving on a track that would make it a major part of everyday existence switched to the express lane. Online classes, work, doctor visits, service calls, instant shopping, food deliveries, and even efficient government services became normal. 

Reopening meant that the things we learned in the last few years have been incorporated into life today. Online dinner reservations, tickets for shows, plays, and theaters have moved online. In the leisure industry, an epitome of the luxury hotel was personalized check-in services, now it is seen as obsolete and old fashion. 

Fitbody wrap

In a recent look at the trends by in an article “10 hotel amenities growing in popularity”, published by KTLA on April 4, 2020, it said, “Close to 90% of people would choose a hotel with contactless mobile check-in and other services instead of a hotel without this option,“ and continued, “Face-to-face interactions are increasingly seen as unnecessary.” 

Once essential services provided by luxury andboutique hotels have been replaced on the top ten list by services that were never before offered and others that have been changed. On the recent list along with self-check-in was:

  1. Eco-friendly toiletries
  2. Coworking spaces
  3. Room service from local restaurants
  4. Pet friendly accommodations
  5. On-site Bike rentals 

A surprising number of requests for in-room beauty and wellness services have appeared. It all makes sense in this brave new world. The in-room spa experience according to the article, “Just like with self-service check-in, in-room treatments are more convenient and frictionless for guests. Plus, offering wellness-related services can help counter the inherent stress of travel.” 

Innovative Offerings In Spas and In-Room 

There are services that translate well from in-spa to in-room. The massage is a service that can be effectively provided to guests in-spa and in-room. The facial, manicure, and pedicure can all be transported as an in-room experience. Personal training lessons or sessions in yoga and meditation are doable spa experiences in-room. Spa services are not easily translated to an in-room experience.

With a small investment in equipment and with no infrastructure additions, boutique and hotel spas can add the latest in-demand service, the Infrared FIT Bodywrap. 

In-Spa or in-room, this exclusive spa treatment wellness service provides the guests with a body immersion treatment that delivers far-infrared heat directly to the body. The infrared heat penetrates the body working to increase core body temperature to elevate heart rate and blood circulation, replicating a cardiovascular exercise. Through this, the FIT Bodywrap delivers a host of benefits. It fits the bill for the demands of today’s spa clients with a personalized, individualized, sanitary, wellness-inducing experience.

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