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Encourage Your Employees to be Healthy and Fit

What do your staff members portray about your business? Usually the first point of contact is an employee at the front desk or an attendant who sets up a service. It’s especially important for employees of a tanning salon, spa or clinic to look the part while selling a service that improves the health of customers. As a small business owner, it’s your job to encourage them to look and feel their best.

Provide Free or Discounted Services

In the beauty, health and fitness industry, it should be easy for employees to access the services they need to stay fit and look great. Do you help them do it? Many businesses allow staff members access to products and services at a deep discount – or simply allow them to use facilities for free. It’s a great way to turn your employees into walking billboards that advertise the effectiveness of your store’s services. Plus, it’s a lot easier for them to sell these services when they’ve have a positive personal experience.

Make It a Priority

Let your staff members know that being fit and looking great is a priority – and not just a perk of the job. You probably don’t want them taking advantage of their environment during working hours, but make sure it’s easy for them to slip into a tanning booth or a FIT Bodywrap© before or after their shifts. You could also offer flex hours that allow for a longer lunch workout or designate a particular day/time when your store is closed or business is slow to accommodate employees.

Encourage them to get up and move around during the day, as well, so little bits of exercise are easy to sneak into the work schedule. The idea is to make them feel comfortable about achieving their health and fitness goals, and letting them know you are behind them one hundred percent.

Challenge Them

If you are having a hard time motivating your staff to look and feel their best, it may be necessary to promote a bit of healthy competition. Challenge those who are trying to lose weight to compete against coworkers for a specific period of time – say six months – and do a weigh-in before and after. Offer a nice prize to the winner, such as a paid day off or a weekend getaway, for further motivation.

For maximum return on your investment, ask for permission to use before and after photos in your advertising materials and in social media posts.

Be a Good Example

When was the last time you tanned, body wrapped, worked out or took the supplements sold in your store? The best managers lead by example. If you don’t look and feel your best, it’s unrealistic to expect your employees to make their own health and fitness a priority. It’s easier for staff members to be inspired when they see you as a shining example.

A healthy employee is a happy employee and it reflects well on your business when staff members look good and feel great.

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