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Embrace a Perfect FIT with SunsUp Tan • Wellness • Spa

For more than two decades, SunsUp Tanning Centers have been illuminating the lives of their customers, providing not just a golden tan but also a holistic approach to wellness. Founded in 1995 by the dynamic duo of Rick and Fuli Waldenburg, SunsUp has become synonymous with top-notch service, radiant glow, and a comprehensive wellness experience. What sets SunsUp apart is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, a mission beautifully complemented by the introduction of the FIT Bodywrap system to its spa and wellness services. Let’s dive deeper into the SunsUp story with insights from Karrera Waldenburg, a FIT Bodywrap Specialist at SunsUp, as she sheds light on why SunsUp and FIT Bodywrap are indeed a “Perfect FIT.”

A Glimpse into SunsUp: Wellness, Tanning, and More

SunsUp’s journey began over two decades ago when Fuli Waldenburg relocated from the sun-soaked shores of Hawaii to the cooler climate of Oregon. Faced with a significant drop in her Vitamin D levels that winter, her doctor recommended UV therapy. Fuli had to visit a tanning salon to address her deficiency, and that’s when the seeds of SunsUp were sown. Fuli, along with her husband Rick, envisioned a warm, inviting, and therapeutic space where individuals seeking the benefits of Vitamin D and the sun’s glow could find solace.

Today, SunsUp offers a holistic bouquet of services. At this wellness haven, you can explore spa treatments like massages and foot spa detox, achieve your desired tan using state-of-the-art UV beds across four different levels, and indulge in wellness services such as organic spray tans, Red Light Therapy, LED Lipo-Light, Cocoon Wellness Pro, and the transformative FIT Bodywrap experience.

FIT Bodywrap Packages for a Customized Wellness Journey

At SunsUp, customization is key, and FIT Bodywrap sessions are no exception. They offer a range of packages tailored to individual preferences and goals. Customers can choose from one, two, five, or ten-session packages, with the added perk of periodic promotions to enhance the experience and savings.

The Perfect FIT: Combining Services for Maximum Benefits

SunsUp’s comprehensive suite of services appeals to a wide clientele, and often, clients opt for a combination of offerings to achieve holistic wellness. Every service at SunsUp is thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse lifestyles and needs. Whether it’s achieving that perfect tan, reducing scars, stretch marks, and acne, or experiencing a non-invasive fat reduction akin to liposuction, SunsUp has a solution. FIT Bodywrap sessions naturally complement other services, such as LED Lipo, making it a seamless choice for clients looking to harness the synergies of different wellness treatments.

A Dynamic Staff Making Wellness Accessible

With around 60 dedicated employees spread across 16 locations, SunsUp’s staff plays a pivotal role in making wellness accessible and enjoyable for their clients. The FIT Bodywrap sessions are not just about weight loss; they are a gateway to detoxification, rejuvenation, and cellulite reduction. The staff at SunsUp educates customers on the multifaceted benefits of FIT Bodywrap sessions and encourages them to prioritize self-care and pampering.

The Ultimate Relaxation Experience: FIT Bodywrap at SunsUp

A FIT Bodywrap session at SunsUp is more than just a wellness treatment; it’s an experience designed to promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and detoxification. Clients can unwind, enjoy deep relaxation, and even doze off while the soothing far infrared heat works its magic. With the ability to replicate the effects of cardio exercise, SunsUp allows customers to lay back and enjoy an hour of tranquility. The FIT Bodywrap experience is elevated with complimentary amenities, including FIT Coats, refreshing water, a surround sound system with radio or aux cord, a facial fan for added comfort, and a reading light for those seeking relaxation in the company of a good book.

Real Results, Real Stories: Customer Feedback on FIT Bodywrap

SunsUp has witnessed countless success stories, thanks to the transformative effects of FIT Bodywrap sessions. Clients have reported impressive outcomes, including significant dress size reductions when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Some have experienced profound detoxification, leading to a rebalanced immune system. For others dealing with muscle or back pain, FIT Bodywrap sessions have become an essential part of their wellness regimen, providing much-needed relief.

FIT Bodywrap: Elevating SunsUp’s Wellness Credibility

SunsUp’s decision to incorporate FIT Bodywrap into its wellness services has not only enhanced its credibility but has also made a meaningful impact on clients’ lives. By offering a powerful tool for relaxation, detoxification, and rejuvenation, SunsUp has truly transformed wellness journeys. Clients experience tangible results, and in doing so, they contribute to SunsUp’s ongoing success and evolution.

*With FIT Bodywrap at SunsUp, every visit becomes an opportunity to embrace wellness, enhance vitality, and discover the perfect FIT for a healthier, happier you.*

FAQ: Your Burning Questions on SunsUp and FIT Bodywrap

1. What are the popular services at SunsUp besides FIT Bodywrap?

   At SunsUp, all our services are quite popular due to their versatility and ability to cater to various needs. Our offerings include UV tanning, spa services like massages and foot spa detox, organic spray tans, Red Light Therapy, LED Lipo-Light, and the Cocoon Wellness Pro.

2. Can I purchase packages for FIT Bodywrap sessions at SunsUp?

   Absolutely! SunsUp offers convenient packages for FIT Bodywrap sessions, allowing you to choose from one, two, five, or ten sessions based on your wellness goals. Keep an eye out for our special promotions to make the most of your FIT Bodywrap experience.

3. How does FIT Bodywrap complement other services at SunsUp?

   FIT Bodywrap naturally complements several of our wellness services. For instance, many clients combine FIT Bodywrap sessions with our LED Lipo-Light service, as the two work synergistically to support fat loss and overall well-being. This pairing has delivered exceptional results for our clients.

4. What amenities are provided during FIT Bodywrap sessions at SunsUp?

   We want your FIT Bodywrap experience to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we offer complimentary FIT Coats, refreshing water, a surround sound system with radio or aux cord, a facial fan for added comfort, and a reading light for those who prefer to unwind with a book.

5. Can you share any customer success stories related to FIT Bodywrap at SunsUp?

   Of course! We’ve had clients who, in combination with a healthy lifestyle, achieved significant reductions in dress sizes through FIT Bodywrap sessions. Others have detoxed their bodies to the point where their immune systems returned to optimal health. Additionally, individuals dealing with muscle or back pain have found relief and have made FIT Bodywrap a regular part of their wellness routine.

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