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The Effects of Sauna on Heart Health

Effects of Sauna on Heart Health

As the popularity of the sauna continues to grow, so does the available data on its healthy effects. Medical and scientific researchers continue to expand their studies and gather data on the beneficial effects of sauna. Decades old studies are being revisited with more precise modeling to examine whether or not the sauna offers health benefits. Today studies are targeting specific effects of sauna use as its popularity and modalities expand beyond traditional sauna bathing and now includes the 360-degree infrared sauna wrap.

Heart Health and The Sauna

People associate the sauna with Finland for good reason. The Finnish invented the sauna over 2000 years ago as a practical heating application in the coldest of climates. The health benefits of sauna heat gained anecdotal reputation over time. In the 21st Century there are a growing number of studies examining the health benefits of regular sauna sessions.
Few medical and research studies have lasted as long as the one undertaken by the University of Eastern Finland and the Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition.The study which began in 1984 tracked 2315 Finnish men aged 42 to 60.
The results were published in 2015 in JAMA(Journal of America Medical Association). This decades long study suggests that regular sauna sessions lead to a healthier heart and longer life. Men who were tracked throughout the study and reported sauna sessions two to three times a week had a 23% lower risk of a sudden cardiac event as well as a corresponding lower cardiovascular disease rate.
A more astounding finding of the study was that men who used a sauna four to seven times a week had a 48% lower risk of heart disease when compared to those who only used a sauna once a week or less.
Summarizing the results of the study, Dr. Jari Laukkanen, a cardiologist at the Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, University of Eastern Finland noted, “Our results suggest that sauna bathing is a recommendable health habit. Further studies are warranted to establish the potential mechanism that links sauna bathing and cardiovascular health.”

The Protective Effect of Sauna

The traditional Finnish style sauna aims for low humidity, usually 10%-20%, and super-heated temperatures which range from 176 degrees to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The effect of the high temperatures of a sauna experience is similar to an intense exercise session. Heart rates can climb to 100 beats a minute (BPM) and often top out at 150 BPM. This mirrors a moderate to high intensity work out session.The high sauna temperatures encourage the blood to flow towards the skin and away from internal organs. It enables the body to shed toxins through increased perspiration. It is estimated that the average perspiration rate in a sauna is equivalent to a pro-rated two pounds of sweat per hour. These beneficial results, raising heart rate, opening blood vessels and increasing perspiration all may be contributing factors to the protective effects of sauna on the heart.

Modern Comfort with Traditional Benefits

The innovative FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna offers a four-zone controlled temperature that allows clients to adjust the beneficial heat for comfort. The body enveloping infrared sauna offers all the benefits of the traditional sauna in a more comfortable experience. It raises the heart rate, expands the blood vessels and produces toxin expelling perspiration in a controlled heat session.
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