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Easy Ways to Sneak in Fat Busting Exercise

If you are like most people living a hectic lifestyle in today’s fast-paced world, chances are you find it difficult to find enough time to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. Sure, we’re all busy but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a few minutes here and there to burn some serious calories. You don’t have to achieve a workout in one solid hour or more, you can just as easily firm, tone and lose by achieving little chunks of fitness throughout your day. Here are some of the best ways to burn calories in a lunch hour or less.

Take a Walk

One of the most effective and least stressful forms of fat-busting exercise is simply walking. Forty five minutes of a good, brisk walk is sufficient to burn a couple hundred calories, on average. If you really want to put your fat burners on overtime, try an interval routine that alternates walking with jogging or, if you are already used to jogging, jogging with sprinting five minutes at a time. Everyone needs to walk somewhere in their day so why not make it count as exercise by doing it intensely?

Body Wrap

Visit your local tanning salon and sign up for an hour-long body wrap session. By putting on the body wrap coat using far infrared ray technology, you can easily burn enough calories in just one session to drop a few inches or pounds. It works by heating up your body from the inside. In order to produce cooling sweat, your body must work hard and use energy. This energy is expended in the form of calories. It’s an easy workout that’s not really a workout but a relaxing break where you can lie back and watch your favorite movie or TV show while dreaming about how great your physique or figure will look!

One Minute Routines

Can you lose weight by working out for only one minute at a time? Sure, if your workouts are high intensity and you manage to fit in at least four throughout your day. In one minute of squat jumps, jumping rope, pushups, or running up and down stairs, you can get your heart rate climbing and start to burn calories. When four one-minute routines become too easy, increase the number to six, then eight or more in a single day. This is a great way to get a full workout in short spurts of time anyone can afford.

Make Every Move Count

No matter what you are doing in the course of a day, make sure you expend the maximum number of calories. When standing in line at the grocery store or a lunchtime café, squeeze your butt muscles. While cleaning house, bend and stretch; do as much of your tasks manually as possible (no automatic floor mop!). Squat or do pushups while you watch TV at night; do leg raises while you brush your teeth. Every little bit of extra effort helps you fight the battle of the bulge. It’s not always easy to find enough time for a full workout but these ideas should help you carve out enough minutes from your schedule to achieve better health through fitness. Along with a sensible, low fat diet, these tips are sure to get you feeling better and looking great with minimal time and effort.
Marie Morehouse blogs for FIT Bodywrap, the revolutionary way to lose pounds and inches and relieve muscles, joint aches and pains over your lunch hour! Just one 45-minute session in a salon provides the healing relief and therapeutic cellulite melting properties of Far Infrared Technology., like those found in a traditional sauna environment but without breathing in the hot air. Find out for yourself how great it feels to be wrapped in warmth and walk away looking and feeling better. Call 760-542-6707 to find a salon near you. Learn about the latest news in physical therapy and weight loss by liking our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you there!
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