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Don’t Let Work Blindside Your Weight Loss Efforts

Like it or not, most of us have to work for a living. But too often our dedication to our jobs gets in the way of our efforts to lose weight and get healthier. That’s just insane! If we don’t take of ourselves, we will actually lose work days due to illness and be less productive when we are on the job.

Rather than allowing your work duties to derail your fitness goals, try these tips to stay on track.

Enlist the Help of Your Colleagues

These days most people are concerned with getting healthy and your co-workers probably aren’t any different. Enlist their help in keeping sugary sodas and fat-laden potluck dishes and snacks from entering the office in the first place.

In fact, if you can find others in your workplace who are dieting, ask them to become of your “fitness team”. That may include taking walks around the block after lunch or using your lunch hour to visit a local tanning salon or wellness center that offers FIT Bodywraps®.

Everyone can contribute a healthy dish to a potluck lunch so each of you get to taste a variety of low fat dishes. When you feel the urge to reach for a candy bar or bag of potato chips to get you through those mid-afternoon hunger pangs, ask a member of your team to give you a pep talk.

Help From Human Resources

You may want to discuss your plans to form a fitness team with your company’s HR department. Who knows? Your company may be willing to sponsor your efforts (after all, a healthy employee costs them less money in the long run) or even institute a weight loss competition amongst employees. Research shows that people who are publicly incentivized, such as receiving an award for losing the most pounds, are more likely to achieve their goals.

Healthy After-Work Habits

At many a workplace, colleagues meet after office hours at a bar to unwind. If you’ve suggested alternate meeting places and been met with resistance, sit next to others in your office who don’t want to indulge in empty calories. It’s not as difficult to order water and a veggie plate if there is more than one of you concerned with healthy habits.

On your way home is the perfect time to stop at the gym, too. Maybe you can find a fitness buddy at work who agrees to buy a gym membership at the same time you do. This will make it easier to stick to a healthy routine. Mix up your gym days with FIT Bodywrap® sessions to really kick your weight loss into high gear. The sooner you start showing results, the easier it is to keep working toward your goals.

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Your work environment can be the worst place to achieve your health and fitness goals – but only if you let it be. Use these tips to make it a healthier place and chances are, your boss will thank you!

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