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Does FIT Bodywrap Provide Training?

Educating others on the benefits of infrared technology is something we are passionate about. When FIT Bodywrap was born, owners and creators, Faraje Kharsa and Michel Mikse had a vision. They imagined salons, spas and wellness centers all over the world, offering strategically engineered, commercial grade infrared body wraps to their clients and their clients experiencing phenomenal results. Their vision turned into reality when they created FIT and made it the company goal to share this incredible technology with others! We love infrared because we know that it can help many people achieve their wellness goals if they understand how it works.

This is one of the reasons why we believe that education and training are so important. A 2015 study done by CompTIA, an IT industry leader, found that “46% of employees say their company’s training courses/methods make them less likely to leave.” Statistics like this one are meaningful and business owners know how detrimental turnover can be to their business. AARP says, “Replacing an experienced worker can cost 50% or more of the individual’s annual salary in turnover-related costs,” and as your partner we are dedicated to providing educational materials to ensure your success.

We provide a few different types of training or educational material for all Certified Providers. And here they are!

1. The Basics

This training typically covers the benefits, safety and setup. All Certified Providers and their teams should participate in this initial training.

2. Sales and Marketing

If you need to know about pricing your FIT Bodywrap sessions or getting started with marketing this is the training for you! Introducing a new service to your lineup is exciting and as a business owner, you want to see a return on your investment. During this training session a FIT team member will look at what you currently offer, which promotions you’re running and your online presence to assist you with creating a plan! Some work is required here, because we can give you tons of ideas, but your success will be in the execution. If you get stuck just give us a holler!

3. Webinars

We host FREE (yup, no strings attached here!) webinars on a variety of infrared and business building topics. We do this because we really like to geek out on how infrared works, but also because we care about your business. Sometimes our webinars are very technical other times we focus on business building tools. All of these webinars are recorded and posted on our Certified Provider Center for your viewing pleasure. When you have new hires it can be extremely helpful to have them watch a few webinars as part of their training ;) This can free up a business owner or manager because training team members extensively can require a lot of time and energy.

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4. Social Media

Yes, we count our social media endeavors as training! What we mean by this is that we consistently post #FITTipTuesday, #FITFactFriday, news from the industry and our blogs. The idea behind it is that consumers and Certified Providers want to know about infrared so why not present it in a fun way!? We encourage you to share our posts so your friends, family and clients can learn about how beneficial infrared heat is for the body.

5. Blogs

You’re receiving some training right now, and you didn’t even know it! We produce blogs each and every week so we can present some pretty technical information in a less intimidating way. We also write blogs to educate, keep Certified Providers in the loop and provide them the tools they need to sell more sessions. We do the research so you can present the facts to your clients in an easy-to-understand language.

Click here to find out what type of training you need to offer and infrared body wrap.

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