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Do You Need to Stay Away from Carbs to Lose Weight?

In the past several years, carbohydrates have gotten a bad rap. From carb-free diets to gluten sensitivity, it seems dieters are more focused on staying away from grains – which can be very beneficial to your health – and replacing them with substitutes that aren’t always a better choice. If you are worried about eating carbs and how it affects your attempts to shed a few pounds, read on to learn about the relationship between far infrared rays and weight loss.

How Immersive Far Infrared Therapy Can Reduce Negative Effects of Carbs

Extensive clinical research has documented a wide range of observations about weight loss using immersive far infrared therapy as delivered by the Fit Bodywrap System. One of the main effects is an extra boost to your body so it can more efficiently convert carbs and fats directly to energy. How does this happen? Infrared immersion-generated perspiration sends more blood to capillaries. That fosters extra conversion of carbohydrates and fats into energy used by the bodyAs blood flow to the capillaries is increased, the body may burn more calories (Trudeau, 2007). But there are additional processes at work with infrared therapy which help the average person lose weight. The detoxification benefit of reducing heavy metals helps to balance the metabolism and aid in digestion (Agatston, 2003; Mobbs & Hof, 2010). When your metabolic rate is amped up, your body uses its caloric intake more efficiently. Another way infrared can help ameliorate the effects of eating carbs is by reducing acidity and thereby the production of insulin. When our system is too acidic, our bodies produce more insulin than usual. The more insulin that is available, the higher the chance that fat and carb calories will be stored. Thus your body will hold onto the weight as a safety zone for quarantining offending toxins from stress, diet and environment. By using an immersive infrared therapy such as the Fit Bodywrap, these toxins and acids can be safely eliminated and promote better conversion of carbs to energy. Also read: Passive Exercise: Does It Really Work?

Part of a Comprehensive Weight Loss Plan

What you eat – whether or not you choose to include carbs in your diet – is just one part of a comprehensive weight loss plan. Along with a sensible diet, it’s important to get regular exercise. Adding a Fit Bodywrap session several times a week is an excellent adjunct. Incorporating at least five or so body wraps into your weight loss plan at the beginning often helps speed up results and thus make it more likely you will stay on track toward reaching your goal. After the initial handful of sessions, you may want to continue with regular wraps to keep the positive effects of immersive infrared therapy going. Of course, always consult your doctor before starting a weight loss plan. Carbohydrates aren’t all bad. The key is ensuring your body converts them to energy.

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