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Do Infrared Body Wraps Work the Same Way Other Wraps Do?

Infrared body wraps are a favorite wellness service because they provide benefits such as pain relief, toning, tightening, calorie burn, cellulite reduction, detoxification and much more. Perhaps you’ve never tried a body wrap or maybe you are body wrapping right now, but do you know how they work? And do they work the same way other wraps do? As we’ve mentioned in past blogs, there are many types of body wraps available today. Spa professionals may choose to offer multiple body wraps or body treatments within their facility, so it is essential to understand how they provide the benefits they do!

If you’ve done some exploration into the world of body wraps you may have come across what we refer to as traditional wraps as well as wraps that warm up your body with infrared. How do body wraps work? The level of effectiveness depends on the type of body wrap you choose. With wraps that use herbs and minerals, the herbs are the ‘active ingredient.’ This traditional style of body wrapping often includes topical products applied to the body before it is tightly wrapped. Recipients of traditional body wraps might notice inch loss. However, the lost inches typically return after a meal or beverage. When it comes to infrared body wraps the top performer is the infrared heat. Infrared wraps are effective because infrared heat can penetrate the body, relieving pain, increasing blood flow, boosting the metabolism and breaking up fats and toxins that are released through intensified perspiration.

Infrared Body Wraps Can Provide Lasting Results

Because of the scientifically backed benefits they provide; infrared body wraps are a real wrap game changer! They utilize the power of calming infrared heat to produce actual wellness results. For this concept to make sense, it is helpful to have a grasp on how infrared works. Infrared heat warms the body without heating the air around us. This allows the gentle rays to penetrate our bodies, rather than only the skin. As the infrared rays penetrate the body, they can increase blood flow, relieve pain, soothe sore muscles, break up fats and toxins, and more.

Do Infrared Body Wraps Work the Same Way Other Wraps Do?

Frequently Asked Infrared Body Wrap Questions

Do Body Wraps Work?

Yes, yes, they do, and that’s why we’re in business! We know that infrared heat can work wonders and the variety of benefits it can provide to the human body are for real! Wellness seekers tend to select spa treatments that will give them results. An infrared body wrap may give you that “warm and fuzzy” feeling (it is heated after all), but it is a result driven service that can provide real and noticeable effects.

What are the Benefits of Heat Therapy?

Similar to a table warmer that’s used for massage or a warm compress applied to an injury heat therapy has tons of uses in our daily lives. Infrared immersion participants report feelings of relaxation, relief from pain, improvements in skin condition, calorie burn, detoxification and cellulite reduction.

After a Session Will I See or Feel Results?

Both! People all over are seeing and feeling results from infrared body wrap sessions. Many report relief from body pain, relaxation and toxin release after just one session. Something that sets an infrared body wrap apart from a traditional wrap mentioned above is of course the infrared heat!

So, do infrared body wrap work the same way other wraps do?

Yes and no. A more traditional wrap may feel nice and benefit the skin as infrared does, but the real difference in the level of effectiveness. Infrared heat is far more efficient. Why? Because we feel infrared as heat, it does induce perspiration. The soothing warmth can also provide relief for those suffering from pain, assist in the detox process, increase blood flow to rejuvenate the skin and guide you into deep relaxation. These benefits, as well as the way infrared penetrates into the body, make for a spa service that you not only want but one that you need.

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