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Dieting and Infrared Heat

To diet or not to diet? That is the question on the minds of those looking to see weight loss results from their infrared sessions. When you see the word “diet” you may immediately be turned off by the concept, and we get that. But just hear us out here, although many refer to “dieting” as a weight loss approach your diet is actually the foods you consume each day. These foods (and beverages!) are quintessential to achieving your weight loss goals. We often hear about the importance of making healthy choices when it comes to food, but, what does that really mean? Healthy diets are balanced, nutritional and should promote good health. On that note, diets that involve unnatural ingredients or completely starving yourself is not what we recommend. What we are proponents of is eating natural foods that provide our bodies with the energy it needs to function and kick butt in our daily lives!

If you participate in infrared sessions to lose weight depending on your loss goals, you may need to alter eating habits to reach your goal. To start, it can be helpful to understand caloric deficit, in which you burn more calories than you consume. Calorie deficits force the body to use stored fat for energy, which can result in weight loss. Cutting down the number of calories you consume each day is a great way to lose weight, but it’s also important that you eat enough calories. Pretty paradoxical huh? You can do it! And, you can utilize helpful apps such as  Lose It! or MyFitnessPal to track your workouts and keep a food diary. These apps (and more that are like them) can show you exactly how many calories you should consume each day. Pairing this up with infrared sessions a great way to get where you want to be sooner. Choosing the correct diet plan for your body is crucial here, so do some research on Google. Research is free! Plateaus can happen, if you have been watching your diet for a while and feel that you aren’t seeing results, consider these points.

Your “foods” aren’t really food: 

Watch out for these, they are posing as healthy choices. Many weight loss products are easy to grab on the go, but they are made up of processed ingredients that don’t help you feel full. When you’re starving, it’s a lot easier to make an unhealthy choice. Experts say it’s better to consume foods that contain natural ingredients you can pronounce. Sometimes snacking gets a bad rap, but health and nutrition experts recommend eating every 3-4 hours. It’s common for people to think they need to just east less overall and in doing so they cut out snacking from their day. Now, we don’t mean potato chips and candy bars here, we’re talking fruits, veggies, nuts, complex carbohydrates and lean proteins. Snack away my friends!

FIT TIP: Healthy foods still contain calories! This means that you still need to maintain portion control to see a drop in your weight 😉

Sleepy much? 

Those who are sleep deprived tend to notice slowing of the metabolism and in some cases people that are overly tired feel the need to eat more than usual. One of the great features of an infrared session is the relaxation it can provide, use this time to catch up on your Zz’s!

You’re focused on infrared sessions and/or exercise only: 

Infrared heat can provide real weight loss results, but all the calorie burning sweat that you produce needs to be paired with healthy meals for a holistic wellness approach. Spending a little more time meal prepping or choosing wholesome options can make a huge difference in your lifestyle.

You’re not hydrating: 

You knew we were going to talk about water, didn’t you? We’re drinking some right now! Besides providing the body with the fluid it needs to function water can help with your appetite. Drinking one or two glasses of water before meals can help you feel more full and keep you hydrated enough to body wrap or workout.

When it comes down to it your body is the only one you’ve got and you are in control of what (and how much) you eat!  Your health and wellness should be a top priority and incorporating infrared sessions with nourishing foods and a workout regimen will put you on the right track.

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