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Detox with Body Wraps + Role of Infrared Wraps in Sustainable Weight Loss

Have you ever been in a situation where you are dining out with your friend who does not seem to gain even an ounce, no matter what and how much they eat? 

It is safe to say that most men and women have been in a similar situation at least once, where they find themselves cursing their bodies for being so difficult to shape and maintain. 

Losing weight is not easy, at least for some people; even then, we see a slew of diet products, workout contraptions, detox supplements, and teas that promise a toned and slim body. 

Unfortunately, while for some people cutting a few calories might do the desired trick, a majority of people, especially those who have always struggled with weight, find it very difficult to lose all the extra pounds with exercise and diet alone. 

Today, thanks to the advancements in medicine and technology, there are many ways to help us achieve our fitness goals effectively and in much less time than traditional methods. The infrared body wrap method is one of them; it is an easy and hassle-free way to detox, lose weight, and keep it off in the long run.

What are body wraps?

Using body wraps to detox and slim the body is not a new concept, they were all the rage during the 80s, and even now, a lot of people regularly indulge in them whenever they make a spa visit. 

In the past, body wrapping mainly used cloth wraps to bind specific areas, especially the stomach. Later they were replaced with plastic wraps. Several body wrap varieties are based on your goal, and each uses a different ingredient from clay, seaweed, honey, aloe vera, etc.

The whole process involves scrubbing the body thoroughly, after which the ingredients are applied and then wrapped using plastic. After that, a thermal blanket is used to heat the body; when the session is complete, the body is rinsed, and a lotion or a cream is applied. 

Are they effective?

There are different body wraps for different purposes, such as for detoxing and weight loss; clay and herbal medicine wraps are used, while for general softening and smoothing of the skin, ingredients such as aloe vera and other moisturizing products are used. 

Although it depends from spa to spa, body wraps help detoxify the body as it promotes sweating, which is known to expel toxins from the body.

As for weight loss, due to sweating, some level of slimming can be observed, mostly water weight, but the result lasts for a short time. 

The Rahav Wellness experts from integrative science emphasizes that just like eating healthy and working out, body wraps also do not provide dramatic results overnight. Consistency is also key, and for results to last long, you will need to follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

What is Infrared Body Wrap?

As the name suggests, infrared body wrap makes use of infrared light, which has a low wavelength and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Although invisible to the naked eye, it can be felt as heat by our bodies. 

Infrared body wrap technology uses infrared light to heat specific body parts; as the light hits the target area, heat is generated. This heat then raises the body’s core temperature; as a result, we sweat, our heartbeat increases and our blood circulation is also improved. 

The experience is almost similar to going for a jog or doing high-intensity exercise. 

The result is; reduced cellulite, more even-toned skin, detoxification of the body, increased metabolic rate, fat loss, calming effect on the mind, and ease in muscle pain. 

FIT bodywrap uses far infrared, which is more effective than near and mid-infrared. Unlike far infrared, near and mid-infrared light cannot penetrate the body’s deeper layers. 

During a session, far infrared heat is applied to your body through a device that increases your body’s core temperature to 100.6°F. 

Naturally, this makes your body sweat a lot more than while working out; sweating, as we all know, is known to help cool the body’s temperature; additionally, it helps purge the body of toxins and burn calories. In addition, the increase in metabolic rate continues well after the session has ended, which aids in burning calories steadily for longer. 

As the body heats up, fat cells are broken down and flushed out from the body via the lymphatic system. 

Is it effective?

When compared with traditional body wraps, infrared body wraps provide better results. Infrared light, used in this type of body wrap, can go as deep as 1.5 inches into the layers of the skin, which effectively heats the body, promoting excessive sweating. 

During each session, since the infrared light penetrates the deeper layers of the body, as much as 20% of toxins, impurities, and fats are expelled through sweating. Results are noticeable after 2-3 sessions and last longer than traditional body wraps. 

Although infrared body wrap is an effective way to detox, slim down, and keep the weight off sustainably, solely relying on it is not recommended. Along with it, you also need to eat well-balanced fit meals, and work out regularly. 

Infrared body wraps are a safe and effective way to achieve a cellulite-free toned body, providing detoxification, muscle relaxation, and weight loss benefits. In addition, the heat from the infrared increases the body’s temperature, which improves circulation, relieves muscle pain, and increases your metabolic rate. 

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