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Detox Product Reviews

Here are FIT Bodywrap we are wellness lovers and detoxification advocates! We also know a good toxin releasing service when we see one. Because we want to gobble up all the knowledge we can get about wellness, weight loss, pain relief and detoxification we’re constantly doing market research. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it 😉

We know infrared heat works to detoxify the body by penetrating about 1.5 inches, breaking up fats and toxins and releasing them through perspiration and regular bodily functions. So, how do more traditional or topical detox wraps and services work? Are they just as effective? Many detoxification treatments also target inch-loss, weight loss, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation, the metabolism and increased circulation. These benefits can assist the body with the detoxification process by getting rid of fats and toxins leading to a reduction in size.

In the health and wellness industry things change rapidly and it’s important to understand what is available and how the products stack up against each other. Below, we will review three popular detox services you may find in a spa or wellness center. As you know there are many wraps and treatments on the market, they each have their own appeal.  Body wrap lovers may also decide to try multiple wraps (on different days) to see how they work for them specifically. So, let’s get started with our detox product reviews!

M’lis Contour Wraps include a topically applied cream that is applied to the body by a licensed technician in a spa or salon. The client will be measured then exfoliated, using a body scrub or dry brush to prepare the skin for the detox cream. The therapist will then apply the detox cream to body and wrap the client in plastic to shape the tissue and stimulate the lymphatic system for about 45 minutes. During this time, the client will relax in the treatment room under a blanket. Once the ‘wrap’ is removed the un-absorbed cream is massaged into the client’s body and key ingredients include; Niacin, Sesame oil, Cassia and Aloe Vera. Because wraps like this require a person to physically wrap the client some may not feel as comfortable as they would in a more private setting. Most spa’s sell the M’lis wrap in packages and participants often require multiple treatments to see the results like inch-loss or detoxification. The treatments can be pricey and once the topical product is removed, more often than not another application or use of home-care products is needed for results to be noticed. 

The Itworks System Ultimate Body Applicator, Body Contouring Wrap is called a botanical cream formula that promises results like toning, tightening, firming and cellulite reduction in about 45 minutes. The wraps can be purchased online or through an Itworks consultant and avid users often tightly wrap their body (primarily the stomach) with a wrap covered in ingredients like: Green tea leaf extract, Ivy leaf extract, Horse Chestnut Seed, Jojoba seed, Butchers Broom Root Extract and more. Before applying the wrap, many participants will shower and exfoliate. To ensure the participant does not have an allergy to the ingredients It is suggested to try the wrap for around 45 minutes before wearing it for around 8 hours or more. Those who have used the ItWorks system have reported highly mixed reviews and many feel they do not see a change at all. Applying a topical wrap to the body may provide temporary results in the appearance of the skin, but it is highly unlikely they will last. For those that do claim results, are they due to the recommended lifestyle changes such as drinking more water, watching what you eat and staying active? We can’t be certain.

Sunlighten Infrared Saunas harness the power of infrared heat, warming up the body, inducing sweat, increasing blood flow, improving circulation, and increasing the heart rate. Those who regularly participate in sessions notice a variety of benefits such as pain relief, relaxation, skin rejuvenation, better sleep and more. They can achieve cardiovascular benefits and wellness benefits at the same time which puts infrared services in their own category when compared to traditional wraps. During a sauna session, the participant will take a seat in the sauna for about 30 minutes. While the exposure to infrared for this period is beneficial for pain relief, it does take the body closer to 60 minutes to achieve noticeable results in weight loss and detoxification. Still, a longer session in a sauna is not recommended as the user will be breathing in hot air which could lead to overheating or dehydration. Prior to a session, the body may be prepped with a topical product that contains ingredients to tone, tighten, reduce inflammation, reduce cellulite and increase skin detoxification. The topical product may also create a barrier on the body to aid in the process of sweat production.Sweat is the key.

The three detox services above, while different, do share similarities. All three of them do recommend home-care products or lifestyle adjustments so participants can continue seeing benefits as well as toning, tightening and cellulite reduction results in between sessions. As with any body treatment, its vital for the participant to drink water leading up to and after and it’s also important to incorporate a healthy, active lifestyle. But what about seeing results? Topical products and tightly wrapping the body alone simply cannot produce the same results that infrared induced sweating can and while we absolutely love infrared, the sauna delivery is not always results driven. But can you guess what is? 😉

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