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Customer Retention Q&A with Denisse Ypina-Favela

Acquiring new customers is key for business development and growth, but learning how to keep existing, loyal customers is just as important. Customer retention is the practice of getting your customers to keep coming back to utilize your services/product offerings, and can be very valuable when maintaining and growing your business. We spoke with FIT Bodywrap® Sales Manager Dennise Ypina-Favela on how to establish strong, solid relationships with your customers and how to retain them.

Q: Why is customer retention important?

A: Customer retention is crucial to any business that understands that the best customers are the ones you already have. Existing customers are of great importance because satisfied, loyal customers are the ones to make return visits and are great sources of new business. Think referrals!

Q: How do you establish loyal customers?

A: It’s all about the value you provide for your customers. What do you bring to the table for your customer? What do they experience when they do business with you? What is it about your business that makes them come back? Make sure your customers always receive the same wonderful experience when they interact with you. The consistency of the quality of your products and/or services, top of the line customer service and overall reliability your business provides will turn your business into a ‘go to’ place for for your customers.

Q: How can you ensure customers have a positive experience?

A: It’s all about being personable and understanding your customers’ needs. Listen to your customers’ feedback. Take constructive criticism (this includes customer complaints!) as a valuable lesson. Use it to your advantage: learn from it, grow and improve. It’s a good idea to conduct short, easy-to-fill-out surveys that your customers can answer in return for a small incentive, such as a discount on a future purchase, gift card or even merchandise, for example. Choose a few key questions that will help them rate your business. Then, make sure you actually apply what you learned from your customers’ valuable input. After all, they took the time to answer your questions—it’s only fair they know you listened!

Q: How important is constant communication in retaining customers?

A: Very important! Remember, your customers like you; that’s why they went with you in the first place! Your sales process needs to include reconversion programs. Offer discounts for purchasing multiple visit packages to encourage them to come back after their first visit. Ask them for their email address and send them valuable information (don’t spam!) every so often. Ask for their phone number (and permission to call/text!), and reach out to them when you have a product or service that they might be interested in. Be creative and develop ways to ensure they come back for something new and exciting, yet stay for that amazing experience you provided the first time they visited you.

Q: What are some ways you can use social media to establish rapport with your customers?

A: Social media is a great way to engage with your customers and remind them to come back and see you. Ask your customers to follow you on social media, and provide them with interesting content. You don’t want your social media posts to be constant advertising because then your customers will think all you care about is your sales. With your posts, you want to make it clear that you care about your customers. Think about who your customers are and what they like, and offer content that will somehow enrich their day a little. Maybe it’s something that will make them smile. Maybe it’s a helpful tip that will come in handy later.

Q: How can you garner feedback from your customers?

A: Just ask! Train your employees to ask customers how their visit went at check out. This will make your customers feel important and heard, and everyone wants to feel and know that their opinion is valued.

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