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Sauna Origins

The sauna is often associated with Finland, at least in the modern traditional sense. The word sauna is a Finnish word. It means “bathhouse.” Its Finnish roots are also the picture that comes to mind when thinking about the sauna experience, a wooden structure with guests ladling water on hot rocks. This mental picture of the sauna is one of type of saunas with a long history that cuts across cultures and centuries.
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Safe Use Tips for a Healthy Infrared Sauna Experience

The concept and use of saunas are thousands of years old. Originally developed by the Finnish people as a way to heat dwellings in the winter, their use evolved as a beneficial health resource. Studies continue on the beneficial effects of using a sauna for muscle recovery, healthy skin, heart and vascular health and as a pain management tool. These 4 simple yet essential tips will make the sauna experience beneficial, healthy, and safe. 
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