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5 Reasons You Should Hit the Sauna After Your Workout

The workout should not end when the treadmill stops, or the weights are put back on the rack. There are 5 reasons why the workout should include a post exercise habit. More gyms are making the post exercise habit of adding sauna time with the latest technology, The FIT Bodywrap. 
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7 Effective Salon Management Tips

Salon management is a crucial aspect of running an effective successful business in the spa and beauty field. The management team needs to be aware of all the moving parts of the salon. The most important of which is customer satisfaction. 
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How to Start a Spa Business

How to Start a Spa Business?

Starting a spa business can be a rewarding experience for passionate dedicated individuals. Starting a spa is not as simple as renting a space and offering services to clients. There are several important steps to follow to ensure success in the highly competitive spa industry.
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10 Spa Marketing Strategies that Work

Spa marketing is crucial for the success of any spa business, as it helps attract and retain customers. 10 spa marketing strategies that work, can be seen as a smug and presumptuous statement. Like every individual, each spa and salon has developed its own personality and identity. Marketing strategies may need tweaking to meet the specific personality and identity type of each spa or salon. So, here are 10 spa marketing strategies culled and selected from marketing articles published in recent years on Constant Contact, Appointy, Cvent and Spa Executive. These are foundational strategies that every spa and salon can build upon to build stronger bottom line sales and top line profits.
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7 Ways To Scale Spa Business (Spa Business Revenue)

It is important to have a plan when deciding how to scale a spa business. Like any business plan it is important to understand the direction and how to get there. The essentials of how to scale a spa business includes defining the terms. Don’t confuse growth with scaling. 
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Why Consider an Infrared Sauna for a Gym Business?

There are benefits for owners and clients to consider adding infrared sauna to a gym business. The innovative technologies of the FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna allow any size business to expand their client services. The FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna requires a small financial investment which offers a continuous new revenue stream for gym businesses.
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Salon Management – How to Upsell an Appointment or Visit

Salon management goes beyond fixing the schedule, coordinating staff, and buying product. The range of products and services available at salons continue to expand beyond perceived essentials. It creates an opportunity to upsell and expand the bottom line of every sales ticket.
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The Effect of the Infrared Sauna on Chronic Diseases

Medical studies in Finland have looked at sauna use and its effect on chronic diseases. Studies by the medical and scientific communities in Finland that have lasted decades tracked the health status of thousands of regular sauna users. These ongoing studies note that regular sauna use has a positive affect on coronary and vascular health.  In 2023 the effect of the infrared sauna on chronic diseases will expand. 
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Sauna Origins

The sauna is often associated with Finland, at least in the modern traditional sense. The word sauna is a Finnish word. It means “bathhouse.” Its Finnish roots are also the picture that comes to mind when thinking about the sauna experience, a wooden structure with guests ladling water on hot rocks. This mental picture of the sauna is one of type of saunas with a long history that cuts across cultures and centuries.
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