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Calories Burned in Sauna: How Infrared Body Wraps Contribute to Weight Loss

For those on a weight loss journey or those focused on a health-conscious lifestyle, the concept of calories in and calories out is ever-present. Questions like “How many calories are in this meal?” and “How many have I burned today?” often occupy our minds. In this pursuit, understanding how many calories can be burned in a sauna, specifically an infrared body wrap, becomes a crucial factor. So, how do infrared body wrap sessions assist with calorie expenditure, and what can you expect in terms of calorie burn? Let’s delve into the details.

The Role of Calories:

Calories are units of energy that we consume through food and drink or expend through physical activity. Weight loss, in essence, involves creating a calorie deficit, where the calories expended are greater than the calories consumed. While a healthy diet plays a significant role, incorporating physical activity is essential for achieving weight loss goals.

The Caloric Benefits of Infrared Body Wraps:

Infrared body wraps, especially those that utilize far infrared heat, provide a unique opportunity to burn calories. Far infrared heat penetrates deep into the body’s tissues, inducing a warming effect from within. This deep heat penetration triggers a cascade of physiological responses that contribute to calorie expenditure.

Elevated Core Temperature: When you step into an infrared sauna or body wrap, the elevated temperature prompts your body to increase its core temperature. This increase in temperature leads to an accelerated heart rate as your body works to regulate itself.

Increased Heart Rate: Your heart rate rises in response to the elevated temperature, which is akin to cardiovascular exercise. This elevated heart rate leads to improved circulation and stimulates calorie burning.

Metabolic Activation: The deep heat from far infrared penetrates muscles and tissues, raising metabolic rate. A higher metabolic rate means your body is burning more calories even at rest, further contributing to weight loss efforts.

Sweating and Caloric Expenditure: Sweating is a natural response to elevated temperatures, and in an infrared body wrap, the intensity of sweating can be substantial. Sweating requires energy, and as the body expends energy to cool down through sweat evaporation, calories are burned in the process.

Calories Burned in Infrared Body Wraps: The caloric burn in an infrared body wrap varies based on several factors, including individual weight, duration of the session, and the intensity of heat. On average, a 30- to 60-minute infrared body wrap session can lead to the burning of anywhere from 600 to 2400 calories. This significant calorie expenditure is comparable to the energy consumption during exercises like rowing or marathon running.

Scientific Insights: Medical research supports the effectiveness of infrared sauna sessions for calorie burning. A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association reported that a 30-minute infrared sauna session can result in sweating off approximately 300 kcal to 800 kcal. This calorie burn is attributed to both the elevated heart rate and the deep heat penetration.

Incorporating Infrared Body Wraps: While infrared body wraps offer an excellent opportunity to burn calories and support weight loss goals, it’s important to view them as part of a comprehensive wellness plan. Pairing regular infrared sessions with a balanced diet and consistent exercise regimen enhances the effectiveness of calorie burning and overall health improvement.

FAQs About Calories Burned in Sauna:

Q: Can I rely solely on infrared body wraps for weight loss?

A: While infrared body wraps contribute to calorie burning and weight loss, they are most effective when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. A holistic approach yields the best results.

Q: How often should I use infrared body wraps for weight loss?

A: To achieve lasting weight loss results, incorporating 4-6 far infrared sauna sessions per week is recommended. However, maintaining a balanced lifestyle, including proper diet and exercise, is crucial.

Q: Can infrared body wraps help with cellulite reduction?

A: Yes, the deep heat penetration of infrared body wraps can stimulate circulation and aid in reducing the appearance of cellulite over time.

Q: Are there any contraindications for using infrared body wraps?

A: Infrared body wraps are generally safe; however, individuals with certain medical conditions or concerns should consult a healthcare professional before use.

Q: Where can you experience the power of the FIT Bodywrap infrared in the US?

A: The FIT Bodywrap infrared technology is available at numerous wellness centers, spas, and fitness facilities across the United States. These establishments offer the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of far infrared heat through calming heat sauna wraps, providing you with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. To find a location near you, head to

In conclusion, infrared body wraps provide a potent avenue for calorie burning and weight loss. The deep heat penetration, elevated heart rate, increased metabolic rate, and substantial sweating contribute to a significant calorie expenditure during each session. Incorporating infrared body wraps into a comprehensive wellness routine enhances the likelihood of achieving weight loss goals and promoting overall health.

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