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Brilliant Ways to Advertise your FIT Bodywrap System

How do you advertise your business? Signs in the window? Social media? A billboard on the local highway? There are many ways to advertise, and a big budget is not always a requirement. This being said, we want to be honest, with marketing and advertising some type of monetary spend will be necessary. Look at this as an investment in your business, sometimes you must pay out a little to receive a lot back. You and your business are worth it! Because some of us may have smaller budgets than others, sometimes we must get crafty and creative with advertising. Let’s talk about how to do it so you can achieve even greater success with your FIT Bodywrap system and other services as well. First things first, if you don’t have flyers, brochures or business cards get on it! There are many inexpensive websites, like Vistaprint where you can customize all kinds of fun items with your logo, colors and information. This printed collateral will come in handy for events, dropping off at other local businesses and more. We also recommend utilizing a graphic designer to design a few web advertisements you can post on social media, your website and send out in e-blasts.

Host a class, discussion group or open house night once a quarter.

Not sure what to “teach” your local community about? Teach them about infrared, how its naturally occurring in our environment and how the body wrap your salon or spa offers uses it to promote wellness benefits. You’d be surprised, inquiring minds will show up, sip some chardonnay, listen and book an appointment at the end. Additionally, bringing people together is a great way for them to feel supported, while supporting each other and your business could help facilitate. There are tons of people who are looking for pain relief, to lose weight or to learn about detoxification. Hosting an open discussion on how infrared can help create a support group for people who might really need it. Here’s a tipuse some of the information you’ve read from our blogs to put your infrared and FIT Bodywrap presentation together. Focus on different topics each time or the same topic, see what works and plan from there. Do you or a team member have a knack for writing?

Get involved with a local publication and write a wellness column.

Your first column may be about infrared and the benefits of FIT Bodywrap sessions, each column after that may talk about a different service your business offers and how it ties into wellness. Readers will come visit you as soon as they realize you’re an expert on a topic they’re interested in. Not ready to get involved with an actual magazine? Start a blog on your website, write a blog once a week and choose topics your clients, or future clients would find interesting. This is also a great place to showcase customer testimonials, your potential customers want to know what results they can expect after a FIT Bodywrap session. 

Learn to trade!

We know from experience; successful business owners have strong relationships with other local businesses and they “trade” with them. Know a printer? Boom! Your flyers, cards and collateral are taken care of. Do your neighboring businesses have great websites? Start a community of businesses who include each other’s logos and links to their websites so you can all gain new customers from helping each other. Offer neighbor discounts or work out a deal with another business in which their team members come in for FIT Bodywrap sessions. Why? All businesses need happy, healthy employees and infrared sessions can improve employee wellness to improve their quality of work. There’s no better time than now to get started, even if you only have the time or funds to choose one of the above options for now. Grow your body wrap business! Here at FIT we always say “Getting started is half the battle!” once you do, you’ll notice all kinds of opportunities opening for you to talk about your FIT Bodywrap and gain many new clients in the process.

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