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Breast Implants and Infrared Heat

We know that infrared can provide incredible results for both men and women. We also know that we have tons of female clients! This means we get lots of questions about female anatomy and infrared heat. A common question has to do with breast implants, and a while back we wrote a blog about those that may not be able to participate in FIT Bodywrap sessions because the infrared heat could trigger an adverse effect. Ladies with breast implants, not to worry! We understand, you want to make sure you are protected, and we want to make sure that you’re protected as well.

Now, as we’ve previously stated, there’s no research indicating that the infrared heat and temperatures generated by the FIT Bodywrap would cause changes in implants, although saline implants may be warmed by the heat. We know there are a few questions when it comes to breast implants and infrared services in which the breasts are fully exposed to the heat. We’ve listed some of the common concerns below, but like we said before, no need to stress. If you’re unsure about your specific implants, it’s always best to consult the doctor or surgeon.

Breast Implants + Infrared FAQ

Do Breast Implants Have a Heat Reservoir?

If your body is cold or hot your implants may store that temperature. Unlike the rest of your body the implants may not return to normal body temperature as fast. Now, once you exit your infrared session you will notice that your body returns to a normal temperature, while the implants may remain “warm” for a bit longer. This is not usually a health concern but, if you are sensitive to warm or cool temperatures you may choose to be more cautious.

Could Infrared Cause Melting?

An infrared body treatment should not damage implants as long as the temperatures of the session are safe for the human body. Once it reaches 392°F (200°C) silicone can melt, and in order for saline implants to burst the water inside the implants would need to reach over 200°F (93.33°C),  your infrared session should never be that hot! Most infrared body wraps or saunas get up to the 130°F (54.4°C) and the temperature can usually be adjusted throughout the session.

Could the Implants Get Hot or Become Irritated?

Like most things, if exposed to A LOT of heat an implant could warm up. This would allow the skin and implant to warm up causing possible irritation. Again, we’re talking A LOT of heat.

Could Deep Heat Cause Rupturing?

Ruptures or tears can happen in implants, but heat is not listed as the cause. In 2000 the Institute of Medicine, IOM reported common questions, concerns, as well as pros and cons for implants. The IOM committee is still conducting studies on local complications including ruptures and deflation.

So, can you utilize infrared heat with breast implants? Many experts say yes; most breast implants can withstand much higher temperatures than your body can, those will breast implants can still soak in the hot tub, right? Do keep in mind, it’s always best to listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, consult with your doctor and discontinue sessions until you have.


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