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Boosting FIT Booster Sales

What’s a spa service without a product pairing?! Many services, such as FIT Bodywrap sessions can produce enhanced results when the right retail product is used both during and after sessions. This my friends, is why the FIT Booster was created! When it comes to retail sales, we understand that many business owners struggle. And the struggle is real, for a variety of reasons, such as, unmotivated employees, lack of appropriate items, absence of follow through at the end of a client’s visit, and the list goes on.

In some cases, selling in-service and home-care products are how spa and salon employees earn commission! This is a great motivational tool and selling relevant retail items can improve your bottom-line while assisting you with building lasting client relationships.

What is your retail to service ratio? Resort Suite says, “Maximizing this important ratio can dramatically improve your bottom-line. In most spas, retail makes up 10-15% of a spa’s total revenue, but can represent 20-25% of the profit. Therefore, an increase in retail sales has a greater impact on your profit than an equivalent increase in service revenue.” This means that upping the amount of retail you sell each day does have a substantial impact on the profits you make!

We have talked to our Certified Provider and compile a few tips that you can use to see your sales skyrocket:

  • When you have the opportunity to explain the FIT Booster to a client make sure to include what it is, what it does, how it’s used and what results they can expect when using it. Use your own testimonial about the product, do you use it at home, too? Tell guests your story. Your clients don’t want to be sold something that won’t work for them so take the time and care to explain the benefits.
  • Offer a Boosted-FIT Bodywrap Session on your menu! Include the cost of either your small FIT Booster or 8oz FIT Booster into the cost of the session and make it easy for clients to see results! When doing this you’ll want to make sure that the price you charge for the service and product are in alignment with your other service and retail prices.
  • Give away a small FIT Booster as a free gift to first-time infrared body wrap clients. This gives them the opportunity to use the FIT Booster during their session and see how it feels, smells and works. For an added bonus, you can offer them a small discount if they purchase the 8oz. FIT Booster or a package of sessions on the same day. Who doesn’t love a free gift or a little discount? Especially if it will enhance their body wrap results.
  • Manage your inventory and don’t run out of FIT Booster! We hear from Certified Providers all the time who want to rush or overnight an order to satisfy client demand. Many clients will buy the product you recommend if it’s readily available, they want instant gratification from their purchase. Although they say they’ll “get it next time” chances are, they won’t. Develop a way to keep track of your retail items, this can be done in your appointment booking system or on the computer. No time? Put one of your team members in charge!
  • Visit our Certified Provider Center and print our out our FIT Booster Ingredients list, we’ve created this collateral so you don’t have to! Many Certified Providers will print out a few, put them in decorative frames and place them in strategic spots like the restroom, locker room, front desk or treatment rooms. Let your customers see for themselves why the ingredients do what they do!

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  • Form strong relationships. In her article on Kimberly DeOrsey says, “There appears to be a direct relationship between purchase of retail and repeat guests. Festoon Salon, in Berkeley, California, analyzed their spas’ data and report that when a guest buys two retail products, there is a 60% chance they will return, when they buy one a 30% chance and if they buy no retail, there is a 10% chance they will return.”
  • Make some changes. The most successful Certified Providers understand that selling retail starts with their team. Implementing a policy in which all team members recommend at least one product to each guest is a smart start to improving sales!

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Focusing some positive energy on your FIT Booster sales and retail sales in general will make a significant difference in your numbers. But the truth is that it also makes a difference in the experience that your business provides. Clients have options when it comes to choosing beauty and wellness services which is why your facility needs to stand out. Be genuine in your dealings to see true success!

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