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Best Way to Lose Weight Naturally

When it comes to shedding pounds, the best results come from losing weight naturally. Cutting out certain foods in your diet and practicing healthy habits consistently can provide permanent results. We’ve compiled our top swimsuit-approved tips on natural weight loss methods that can help keep the extra weight off and prevent it from coming back anytime soon. Enjoy!

H20 is the way to go

Staying hydrated can help prevent overeating, so make sure you’re consuming plenty of water daily. Sometimes, we can’t tell whether our body is hungry or thirsty, and once the feeling arises, we tend to reach for the snack drawer. If you find yourself craving a midday snack, have a glass of water first. If you still feel hungry afterward, by all means, bon appétit.

Spring clean your fridge

Although spring is yet to come, it’s not too early to start cleaning out your fridge with unhealthy food and snacks. The food you have at home can greatly impact your weight and eating behavior, and by having healthy food available, you’re already practicing healthy eating. Indulge in your favorite fruits, veggies and yogurt. “Get organic meats, and antibiotic-free poultry,” said Clinical Director Dr. Flickstein. Eating well is really one of the best ways to lose weight naturally.

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Control is key

It’s challenging to cut out all the foods we love, but when you’re looking to lose weight, it’s important to reduce consumption of high-caloric foods that contain heavy amounts of sugar and salt. Take baby steps and start portioning your food everyday. Start with taking what you normally eat and cutting it in half. Remember, you have to burn more than you eat in order to start seeing natural weight loss results.

A walk a day can keep the doctor away

If you dread the word “exercise,” take a five to ten-minute stroll around the neighborhood or local park. Enjoy the nice weather and scenery, and take time to smell the roses! Your four-legged friend can be the perfect walking buddy. The more you walk and the quicker your pace, the more calories you’ll burn. Both you and your dog will benefit from adding a walk a day to your normal routine.

Infrared therapy

Infrared body wraps have been known to help with weight loss and detoxification. But how do body wraps work? “Immersive exposure to infrared helps generate the production of sweat,” said Dr. Flickstein. The more you sweat, the more calories you burn. “An infrared thermal system can play a pivotal role in cardiovascular conditioning. Those who can’t exercise [due to chronic injury] yet want an effective weight control and fitness maintenance program can benefit from far infrared.” For those looking to drop a few pounds, we recommend three infrared sessions per week until desired results are achieved.

Natural methods of weight loss are the healthiest way to lose weight and have the least risk for complications. By adding these tips to your daily routine, you can inch closer to the bikini body you’ve been yearning for.

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