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A Perfect FIT with The Body Strength Training Shed

A Perfect FIT with The Body Strength Training Shed

Here at FIT we always say pairing up infrared with fitness is the perfect duo. At The Body Strength Training Shed in Kimball, Minnesota they are doing exactly that! Owner, Donita Knaus was introduced to infrared and the FIT Bodywrap system while looking through a popular tanning industry publication. 

“At the time, I was currently an owner of two salons and was thinking about adding them to my services there. But, my vision was more focused on selling the salons eventually and building a gym.” 


The rest they say, is history! “I knew my new gym was about to become a reality and after learning about ALL of the FIT Bodywrap benefits I decided I had to have it in my gym! So, I bought the system!!! It wasn’t long after starting with FIT that I bought my 2nd system,” Donita says. 

Since then The Body Strength Training Shed has become the place to go for infrared sessions. We spoke with Donita and her team to find out how she’s been so successful with FIT Bodywrap. Here’s what she shared with us!

Tell us a little bit about your business, how you started and what you offer.

The Body Strength Training Shed is a brand-new business. We are in Kimball, MN about 15 miles West of St Cloud, MN.  THE BODY is a one of a kind 6400 square foot gym facility. We offer low cost memberships, personal training, a variety of workout classes, Tae Kwon Do, tanning, massage and of course the infrared FIT Bodywrap. Our massage and infrared wrap opened the end November 2016. Our gym just opened on 2/22/17!!

Do you offer packages, single sessions, both? 

We offer both. In the beginning, we did a first-time introduction price and for the month of December and we ran a VIP Special which allowed those customers to lock in a forever low price. We sold a ton of the VIP specials and we currently have a package deal of 5 sessions which is our best seller.

Which services do clients participate in as well FIT Bodywrap? 

We also offer 30-90-minute raindrop and deep tissue massage. Since introducing the FIT Bodywrap we have found that our massage clients that are doing both services on the same day to double the pain relief. Our customers can truly leave our establishment with very little pain and feel beyond relaxed.

How big is your staff and what has assisted them in selling sessions?

We have an AWESOME team of 3! Offering a package deal is by far the easiest selling point and running specials here and there is our best way to sell sessions.

What do you love about the FIT Booster and the FIT Coat?

The FIT Booster Spray SMELLS AMAZING!!! We love the light spray texture and it covers your body very well. The fact that a large can lasts our customers anywhere from 12-15* sessions is a great selling point. The FIT Coat is always a hit when people see it for the first time as it is VERY LARGE, we always giggle. But the way it is designed to hold in sweat makes up for that!

How does the FIT Bodywrap serve your clients’ needs?

Our FIT Bodywrap is helping our clients so much. We have clients working with weight loss and currently losing inches. We have clients with chronic low back pain that are seeing relief. We have clients with knee pain that can walk with less pain since using FIT Bodywrap. It is treating a couple of our clients for arthritis in their hands, even, for someone to tell us they haven’t felt this good in over a year…. Well, thank you infrared!

We love hearing success stories, any you’d like to share?

“My hand hasn’t been pain free for almost a year and a half, I can honestly say the 3 FIT Bodywrap sessions have given me more relief than I can imagine. I might not need surgery now as my doctor said was coming.” KJ- Buffalo, MN

“I can work out better than ever. I used to have major shoulder draw backs on certain machines and couldn’t do them, but now, since doing FIT Bodywrap, my gym routine INCLUDES ALL of the shoulder machines again!!!” KT- Annandale, MN

How many sessions does your facility do each day? How do you track them?

We have 2 rooms and 2 FIT Bodywrap systems. We average around 16+ sessions each day and to track them we currently have a card system. As the clients purchase their sessions or packages, it is written on their individual card and kept track of. Having two systems allows us to offer couples FIT Bodywrap sessions! We’ve had over 25 “double sessions” so far and participants include mothers and daughters, friends and of course couples. Participants have let us know they like how fast the time goes as they can talk to each other!

How do you market your FIT Bodywrap system? 

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook! Most of our marketing is done through social media. I share all my business promos, specials and information there. Our new business page is growing daily and we also advertise in our local newspaper. We have sponsored local basketball games and we will be in a local St. Patrick’s Day parade. We have promo keychains, cozies, rack cards, business cards and brochures.

Overall, how has your facility benefitted from the FIT Bodywrap system?

We benefit from seeing our clients happy. They are achieving weight loss goals. They are feeling better with less pain and overall energized. We offer a referral program as well, so as our clients are being blown away by the FIT Bodywrap, their true opinions to their friends and family has benefited our facility. We reward them by giving them a FREE SESSION every 3 people they refer here!

Donita and her team are doing an AMAZING job with their FIT Bodywrap systems and their customers agree. We are so excited about The Body Strength Training Shed’s FIT Bodywrap results and even more excited for all of their customers and the incredible results they are experiencing.

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