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A Perfect FIT with TAN’R YOU

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TAN’R YOU is a successful chain of salons with three locations in the state of Wisconsin. They offer five levels of UV-tanning, airbrush tanning and self-spa services in a customer-centric and friendly environment.

When speaking with the owner, Kimberly Burden we learned that she and her team take pride in providing excellent service to their clients as well as contributing to their community. We asked Kimberly to fill us in on her salons, why she’s so successful and how FIT Bodywrap has made an impact on her business.

Here’s what she shared with us.

Hi Kim! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, we really appreciate it. Can you give us an overview of TAN’R YOU, the type of services a guest can find at your facility and some history on each salon?

TAN’R YOU has 3 locations in Wisconsin which are located in Appleton, West Bend and Germantown.  I opened my first salon, Appleton in 2005, West Bend in 2006 and Germantown in 2007. All 3 locations started with just UV-tanning and as the years have gone by I’ve added several additional services to draw in clients that aren’t tanners and make the salons more like a spa.  We offer low pressure tanning, the Matrix high pressure bed from Italy, the Versa Spa Spray Tan (West Bend), the FIT Bodywrap in West Bend and Germantown, the Spa Capsule Dry Water Massage Bed (Germantown) and the Hydration Station detoxifying bed (Germantown). Most of the services we offer can be purchased in packages, they can also be purchased alone as a spa service.

IMG_6276-164377-edited.jpgWith three locations I bet you sell a ton of sessions! How do you offer your FIT Bodywrap sessions, packages? Membership?

We offer sessions, month unlimited packages and EFT memberships for our FIT Bodywrap and clients that have memberships in other beds can add FIT Bodywrap to their membership as well. This works out great for the client and we have quite a few that do more than one membership.  For new clients, we offer a BOGO and I also donate a FIT session when local people/businesses have fundraisers.  I feel it’s a great way to introduce people to our salons that may not come because they think we only offer tanning. 

Photos Courtesy of TAN’R YOU

We’d love to hear more about your donations to the community, do you think that’s contributed to your success with selling FIT Bodywrap treatments?

I donate a single FIT session to most places that ask me for a donation for their benefit.  I am very active as far as giving to our communities, therefore, I don’t mind donating a FIT session.  It gets the community aware of TAN’R YOU and the FIT Bodywrap system. It also allows them to realize that even if they don’t tan they can still stop in and try a spa type service! By donating a single FIT session to local causes we get new clients in the door. After they try a session, usually because they won it in a silent auction to raise money for a local event, they purchase sessions.  We also have the FIT positioned in a great location in our salons.  It is visible to clients that walk by and they usually pop their head in the room and ask “what is this?”  We take that as our lead in!  

Which packages or services would you say are the most popular? Are there other services that clients like to package with FIT Sessions?

Our 10 session FIT package is very popular. Clients like to use our Matrix high pressure tanning bed from Italy in conjunction with FIT Bodywrap sessions. We’ve noticed that FIT sessions increase circulation, which can help clients achieve tans that are 2-3 shades darker. They have said it gives them more energy along with a darker tan and this is most likely because of the detoxifying effects they are getting from FIT as well as the Vitamin D they are exposed to from the tanning bed.  

It sounds like you have a highly motivated team, how big is your staff and what has aided them in selling sessions?

We have 5-8 employees at each of our salons and I create specials each month that include FIT Bodywrap so they can easily talk to clients about it. They also explain to clients that we offer an EFT membership add on to any other spa package or tanning package. The customers that use it are very vocal to other customers about the benefits they are seeing from using the FIT.

Another way that my team successfully sells sessions is by using “benefit cards” that I created. They are 4×6 cards that show pictures of the FIT Bodywrap system with a description of the benefits. We put the cards on all the tanning beds and hand them out when we do events. Again, this gets clients to ask about it. 

Once clients start participating in sessions do you find that their needs are met?

It definitely helps my clients lose weight, feel less tired and less sore. I’ve had several clients tell me that they feel better after sweating it out if they’ve been sick. After a session they feel more energetic and feel that sweating helps pull the sickness out of their body. This helps them to recover faster than if they hadn’t used it.  

Today, I spoke with another client who was weary to try a session because she was unsure if the FIT Bodywrap actually works. She let me know that she is using it regularly now (for about 3 weeks) and she definitely notices a difference! At first, she wondered if it was just water weight but she started to realize that she is losing fat as well. She also said that her husband, kids and people around her have been sick and she hasn’t caught the bug! She was shocked by this out of the ordinary situation as she usually gets sick when everyone else does. She believes that detoxifying regularly (about 2-3 times a week for the past three weeks) is helping her stay healthy.  

That’s great! Detoxifying the body really can help prevent illness. Have any of your clients shared their testimonial with your staff?

Yes, IMG_6272-524097-edited.jpgthey have! I have a client; we’ll call him “Craig” at the West Bend salon. He is 51 years old and he started using the FIT Bodywrap because he was so sore in the morning when he got out of bed. Mornings were hard for him because it would take him a little bit of time to even stand up and straighten out to start his day. He explained that he has had several surgeries and seemed to have gotten to a point in his life that he just didn’t even have any energy to do anything anymore. He was getting more out of shape and more sore, so his wife suggested he try the FIT Bodywrap. He did a few sessions here and there, but no consistency. After a couple of weeks he decided to make a schedule, stick to it and give it a fair chance. After 6 weeks  of using it 3 times a week he was much less sore. He can now move around with ease again, jump out of bed in the morning and as an added bonus – he lost 35 pounds. He continues this regimen and has convinced many others to do as he does! He has seen so many great benefits and has grown to love it – because he feels better, looks better and  he gets work done on the phone while he’s in there!

Happy clients are why we’re all in business! Lastly, what about your business? How has your facility benefitted from offering FIT Bodywrap? 

We have drawn in new clients that don’t tan. They usually want to lose weight or manage pain so they come in to see us. We have increased our spa classified income because of it. Plus, people see a better tan after using the FIT so they appreciate another benefit they weren’t expecting. I hear tons of positive comments and I strive to have clients really enjoy their time in my salons. The FIT Bodywrap helps them get the” Ultimate Tanning and Spa Experience” at TAN’R YOU.  

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kimberly! It’s always great to hear about real people experiencing real results. We look forward to hearing more success stories from you and your clients in the future. Thank you for a great partnership!

If you’d like to visit TAN’R YOU, you can reach them at:Website: TAN’R YOUPhone: (262) 338-8264 – West Bend

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