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A Perfect FIT with SunsUp Tan • Wellness • Spa

Since 1995 SunsUp Tanning Centers have been providing excellent services and service to their customers. Owners Rick and Fuli introduced FIT Bodywrap as a spa and wellness service for their clients and since then they’ve seen growth in sales as well as happy clients who are achieving real results. We chatted with Karrera Waldenburg, a FIT Bodywrap Specialist with SunsUp and she gave us all the details on why SunsUp loves FIT Bodywrap!

In a nutshell, can you give us an overview of your business?

21 years ago owners Fuli and Rick Waldenburg created SunsUp. Fuli had moved from Hawaii to Oregon in August, and that winter her Vitamin D levels dropped significantly. Her doctor suggested UV therapy, so she had to go to a salon, that is when the idea of SunsUp was born. Rick and Fuli wanted to create their own wonderful, inviting, and helpful experience for those who lack Vitamin D and/or lack a summer glow!  In a Nutshell you can find spa, wellness, and tanning services here at SunsUp. For spa we offer massages and foot spa detox, for tanning we offer four different levels of UV beds, and for wellness services we offer organic spray tans, Red Light Therapy, LED Lipo-Light, Cocoon Wellness Pro, and of course FIT Bodywrap. 

Do you offer packages of FIT Bodywrap sessions at your location?

We do indeed offer packages of FIT Bodywrap sessions. Our customers can purchase one, two, five, or ten. We also offer different promotions! 

Which packages or services are the most popular and which other services do clients participate in as well FIT Bodywrap?

All of our services are pretty popular because they fit into any lifestyle and any condition. We have services that make you tan, that reduce and diminish scars, stretch marks and acne, and even a service that’s like Lipo suction without the invasive cutting where people can lose inches. FIT Bodywrap sessions are usually paired up with our service called LED Lipo, because in order for the LED to work the customer would need to burn fat, and FIT Bodywrap sessions can do that. 

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How big is your staff and what has assisted them in selling sessions?

We have about 60 employees and 16 locations. Our employees sell FIT Bodywrap sessions by letting customers know that the wraps aren’t only for weight loss, but so much more. Detox, rejuvenation, and cellulite reduction! We really focus in on pampering our customers and encouraging them to pamper themselves. 

How does the FIT Bodywrap serve the needs of your clients?

FIT Bodywrap sessions relax, rejuvenate, and detox our customers. They can essentially do cardio by lying down and even falling asleep, for an hour, that’s amazing! Wraps are an opportunity to create a very calm and collective experience for your customer and salon! We provide complimentary FIT Coats, water, a surround sound system with radio or aux cord, a facial fan, and a reading light. 

Have your clients provided any feedback in regards to their FIT Bodywrap results?

We’ve had customers who have lost dress sizes because they did FIT Bodywrap sessions paired with a healthy lifestyle. We’ve had customers detox themselves to the point where their immune systems return to a regular state. Lastly, we’ve had customers with extreme muscle or back pains, and they get “addicted” to coming in for sessions because it helps them so much. 

Overall, how has your facility benefitted from the FIT Bodywrap system?

We feel that FIT Bodywrap has really boosted the credibility of SunsUp’s wellness services. We have changed clients’ lives, and in that, have changed our own. 

Thank you, Karrera! Your team definitely has the right idea about how to sell FIT Bodywrap sessions and we’re happy to hear that your clients can’t get enough infrared!

If you’d like to visit SunsUp Tan • Wellness • Spa , you can reach them at:Website: SunsUp Tan • Wellness • SpaFacebook: SunsUp Tan • Wellness • Spa

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