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A Perfect FIT with SunCare Spray Tan & Skin Care Salon

suncare%20logo 381303 editedSunCare, a relaxing and friendly escape in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a locally owned chain of three stores. The business was born in 1985 and they’ve been providing tanning, skin care and wellness services ever since! Owner, Rick Preiser takes pride in offering a variety of services and five-star customer service to his customers. A while back, he brought FIT Bodywrap into one location, and then another. “One of the most popular additions to our service menu has been the FIT Bodywrap; we added it to our Coors location and it was so extremely popular we had to add a FIT Bodywrap at the Montgomery location.” For more details on how SunCare is successful with their FIT Bodywrap results and system we spoke with Emma Grove, Assistant Manager. Here’s what Emma had to say!

Can you give us an overview of your business and what you offer in addition to FIT Bodywrap?

Here at SunCare we offer a variety of services to cater to the wants and needs of our clientele! Our service menu includes:

  • The FIT Bodywrap helps clients detox, loss weight, experience pain relief and much more, while encapsulated in 130 degrees of infrared heat.
  • Mystic Spray Tan allows the client to obtain a natural and unique looking UV Free tan that is based off natural skin tones.
  • Red Light Therapy reduces the appearance of skin imperfections (scars, stretch marks, aging etc.)
  • Revitalight Facial Treatment is a non-evasive LED Photo pulsation light with 3 options: Red light, Blue light, or a combination of the two. Red light diminishes the appearance of fine lines and helps reduce the appearance of aging, while the Blue light creates an oxygen environment on the skin that helps in treating acne.
  • Hydration Vitamin Steam Pod is 118 degrees of radiant heat that hydrate the clients’ skin, provides natural skin cleansing and balancing, while leaving a radiant glow, and helps tanners achieve the darkest and richest UV color.
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 tanning beds offer a variety of bulb intensity to help the client achieve their desired UV tan.

How does the FIT Bodywrap serve your clients’ needs?

Our bodies are constantly faced with a harsh environment that takes a toll on our daily living. The FIT Bodywrap helps our clients to, not only relax after a busy and physically stressful day, but also to detoxify, moisturize skin, relieve aches and pain within the body and aid in weight loss. These benefits leave our clients feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Do you offer packages of FIT Bodywrap sessions at your location?

YES! We offer 1, 5, 10 and 20 sessions, as well as the FIT Booster Spray to help enhance the effects of the FIT Bodywrap.

What is your most popular service and what do clients pair with FIT Bodywrap?

The tanning beds are the most popular service offered at SunCare. Many clients participate red light therapy and Revitalight treatments as well as the FIT Bodywrap.

How big is your staff and what has assisted them in selling sessions?

SunCare’s staff includes a management team and 10 highly trained and informed consultants. Their personal experience obtained from each of the services helps them have personalized conversations with clients about each treatment and service offered. This, in turn, shows the client real life results provided by our services.

FIT Bodywrap results at SunCareOverall, how has your facility benefitted from the FIT Bodywrap systems?

Fitness and nutrition are very popular in our community. By offering the FIT Bodywrap, clients are drawn to SunCare to utilize its effects, most commonly for its aid in weight loss. After becoming familiarized with the service, clients have noticed that it not only assists in weight loss, but provides an exceptional list of added benefits, like detoxification and pain relief. While visiting the salons, our clients are also able to emerge themselves in a comfortable environment and experience the additional services and treatments we offer!

Thank you for sharing Rick and Emma! We love the mixture of services you offer and it sounds like your clients do too.

Want to Visit SunCare for your FIT Bodywrap session?


  • 9370 Coors Blvd. NW
    Albuquerque, NM 87114
    Phone: 505-897-7520
  • 5555 Montgomery NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87109
    Phone: 505-883-8090


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