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A Perfect FIT with Sun On the Run

Since 1996, Sun On the Run, a tanning spa in Southern California has been providing top-notch services and customer service. Their clients rave about them in Yelp! reviews and they are very successful with their FIT Bodywrap system, making recommendations and creating a genuine relationship with each and every guest they see. Sun On the Run is very active on social media and they draw in clients with their great service and enticing promotions.

We got together with Owner, Frank Ewing and we talked a lot about the results that clients are seeing from their FIT Bodywrap sessions. Here’s what Frank had to say.

Tell us about a little bit about Sun On the Run.

Sun on the Run is family owned and operated.  We are conveniently located in the Tri-City area, bordering Vista, Oceanside and Carlsbad.  We make it a priority to offer 5-Star customer service every time.  We know there are bigger salons out there, but our customer service is really what sets us apart.  We try to get to know our clients and call them by name, not a number.  Our staff is all trained and certified.  We want to make sure our clients are getting the best service and the best advice whenever they visit.  Our rooms are stocked with wet wipes, deodorant, body spray & a Jolly Rancher candy.  Towels and eye protection are always provided too.

When did you open and what do you offer?

Sun on the Run has been in business since 1996.  That’s 20 years!  We have lots to offer our amazing clients:


How does the FIT Bodywrap system serve your clients’ needs?

We were so excited when we brought the FIT Bodywrap to our salon in 2011.  It has been, by far, the best decision we have made in bringing something totally different to our clients.  Many days we have back to back appointments scheduled from the time we open until the time we close.  Our clients are hooked on it!

Do you offer packages of FIT Bodywrap sessions at your salon? 

We offer sessions as well as unlimited packages.  Most of our business comes from Groupon, in-salon specials and client referrals.  We have FIT Bodywrap specials in each of our tanning rooms.  Once a client tries it, they tend to share it with their friends and family. It appeals to so many different types of people.

That’s great! Tell us about the types of clients you see for infrared sessions.

People looking to drop some weight before a wedding or high school reunion.  People needing to hit a certain weight quickly for job requirements, etc.  We’ve even had clients who have gotten much relief from chronic conditions such as Lupus, fibromyalgia and arthritis.  This creates a lifelong client who comes in frequently just to feel better.

Clients have told us that they feel better leaving our salon than a visit to physical therapy or their doctor.  Many have even been able to cut back on their pain medication.  What a huge win!

Overall, how do you feel that Sun On the Run benefits from offering the FIT Bodywrap system?

May clients come in for the FIT Bodywrap and end up using our other services too!  We love the FIT Bodywrap and it is definitely an integral part of our business now.

Our clients have experienced the following:

  • Fat loss
  • Weight loss
  • Skin-tightening
  • Noticeable cellulite decrease
  • Increased metabolism
  • More energy
  • Stress Relief
  • Pain relief

Have your clients shared their FIT bodywrap results with you? We know you’ve shared some great stories in the past.

Yes! They share with us all the time and we love it when they share on Yelp! One of our 5-star reviews reads: “Came yesterday after seeing an ad on Groupon. The ladies in here are amazing and really sweet. Came back today for my FIT Bodywrap and I’m walking out super relaxed and feeling great!”

We really enjoy helping our clients feel better. For example, one of our clients has Lupus.  She says that nothing else makes her feel as good as the FIT Bodywrap and that sessions truly make a difference, even for the next couple of days.  We are so happy to be able to help her!

Another thing for the FIT Bodywrap I forgot to mention is that we have Netflix in the room for our clients. They can plug their headphones right into the remote and enjoy their show!  They love it!

Sounds like you and the team really know how to treat your clients well! Thank you for sharing, Frank! We look forward to continuing a great partnership and many more successful years of Sun On the Run!

If you’d like to visit Sun On the Run, you can reach them at:

Facebook: Sun On the Run Tanning Salon & Boutique

Phone: (760) 726-6921                 

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