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A Perfect FIT with Paradize Tanning

South Carolina is the home of Paradize Tanning, a friendly and welcoming salon that treats clients like family. Their clients rave about them in reviews and for good reason! Owner, Sheila Truax genuinely cares about her guests and for this reason she offers a variety of great services, such as FIT Bodywrap! We took some time to pick Sheila’s brain about why she and Paradize Tanning have been so successful with her salon and FIT Bodywrap. Here’s what she had to say.

Tell us about your business, how Paradize Tanning was born, and what services you offer. 

I became aware of the tanning industry in 2000. My husband gave me a Gift Certificate for Christmas 1999, for a month of tanning at a local salon. I redeemed it after the New Year and was surprised that I really enjoyed it and the friendly atmosphere of the small salon. In fact, the manager and I got along so well that in February she asked if I would like to be her assistant manager, overseeing the evening shift. I had never really worked outside of the home before, but I thought it might be fun. After all, all of my children were in school so I had the time. And my husband would be home when I was working, so I talked to him about it and joined the team. I worked alongside Deb for several years and learned a lot about the business, changing lamps, writing reports, etc. In 2004, the owner of that salon bought a second location and asked if I would like to manage it as my own store and I took that position. During the 4 years that I was there, I learned even more about the day to day duties of running a salon, and in my heart, I began to think that I would love to have my own salon someday, and even began to pray to that effect, knowing that it was God’s will, I would have it, in His time.

On a Sunday afternoon, in 2010, a friend of mine, called me out of the blue. Keep in mind, I hadn’t even talked to her in a couple of years. She knew about my desire to own my own salon and she asked me if I still wanted that. I told her I hadn’t thought much about it in a long time, but asked why she was asking. She told me that a local salon owner had contacted her and that he wanted to sell his salon, that day, or he was going to lock the door and walk away. So, after speaking with my husband about it, we purchased the salon!

After the first year, we had to move to a larger building, in the same shopping center and add more beds. We opened for the first time on September 1st, right in the middle of the slow season, but with God’s help, we were able to keep our heads afloat. In October that year we added Red Light Therapy and we still offer it, with much success.

In July 2011 we purchased the FIT Body Wrap and began our journey with one of the greatest teams of people that we have ever worked with. Over the years, it has really picked up quite a large customer base. Besides the Red Light Therapy, and the FIT Body Wrap, we also offer Novell Airbrush Spray Tanning as well as 3 levels of tanning.

We are truly a family here at Paradize Tanning.

Do you offer packages of FIT Bodywrap sessions at your salon? 

Yes, we offer single visits, visit packages and monthly packages. Here are the prices:

  • 1 visit – $25
  • 5 visits – $70
  • 10 visits – $120
  • 1 month – $75

Which packages or services are the most popular and which other services do clients like to pair with FIT Bodywrap sessions?

Our most popular package is the monthly package. The average client tries to come at least 3 times a week. We offer a package that is $99 a month, which includes 1-month in the FIT Bodywrap, 1-month Red Light and 1-month tanning, any level, and that is what a lot of our clients choose.  We also have people, who are just here to tan, add a month of the Red Light for just $20.

How big is your team and what helps them with sales?

I have a very small staff, but they are good at what they do. There are actually 3 certified techs, including myself, and 2 attendants. I think what I repost and share from brings a lot of clients in. Then, once they get here, after checking out the website, they are an easy sell. We share our former clients’ results, as well as our own personal experience with it and they buy a month right on the spot, as well as the Booster Spray.

How does the FIT Bodywrap serve your clients’ needs?

Not only are they burning fat while they are in the unit, they are also ridding their bodies of the toxins and poisons that drain your energy and cause an overall sluggishness. We have several clients who get in there for the heat alone. These people suffer from Fibro, Arthritis, Sports injuries, Back injuries, etc. The intense heat helps brings their pain level down considerably, and I love to know that. I have a strong desire to help people that are hurting, whether it is a physical hurting or a spiritual hurting.

Have your clients shared their body wrap results with you? We know you’ve shared some great stories in the past.

I have shared client testimonials in the past, but I actually tried it out this past October and lost about 15 pounds in a month! We were getting ready to go on our first cruise and were leaving on the October 26th, so on the first I started getting in 3 times a week, and I also began drinking lots and lots of water. By the time we left for the cruise I was down a size in my clothes and had much more energy than I had had before the FIT.

Overall, how do you feel that Paradize Tanning benefits from offering the FIT Bodywrap system?

It has allowed us to offer something that isn’t offered anywhere else in the area. It fits in with our goal, which is to provide a service that can provide something that can meet the needs of our wonderful clients, whether it is pain relief or weight loss.

Thank you for sharing, Sheila! It sounds like your clients and business are really benefitting from incorporating FIT Bodywrap into your business. We are over the moon to hear about your success!

If you’d like to visit Paradize Tanning, you can reach them at:Facebook: Paradize Tanning SalonPhone: (864) 859-0707

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