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A Perfect FIT with Infrared Body Wraps

Imagine a cozy space where you can enjoy soothing infrared heat in multiple rooms. A place you can turn to as a relaxing escape where it’s all about you and achieving optimal wellness. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Such a place exists in Birmingham, Michigan and owners Lisa and Ali Bowman are a mother-daughter duo who have created what we like to call a FIT Bodywrap oasis of calm. “Ali and I are committed to providing our clients with a consistent stress-free environment and 60-minutes of “me time.” The benefits of sweat reveal themselves through pain relief, better sleep, inch loss and fresher looking skin!” says Lisa. We agree, the benefits of infrared induced sweat are second to none and we spent some time chatting with the Bowman ladies to find out how they’ve created a successful FIT Bodywrap business.

Here’s what they had to say.

In a nutshell, can you give us an overview of your business?

Infrared Body Wraps is in Birmingham, MI. We are a small “mother/daughter” owned niche boutique studio and offer only infrared body wrap sessions! Each FIT Bodywrap room is decorated with warm lighting, provided by salt lamps. They are also equipped with Sonos speakers and internet access.

How many body wraps do you have in the wellness center?   

We currently utilize 3 session rooms, Ali and I are already in search of a location for studio #2, but 3 session rooms still comfortably allow us to offer up to 78-90 infrared sessions per week! Having the studio at our shopping center has provided us with a lot of grace to figure things out.

Do you offer packages of FIT Bodywrap sessions?

Yes, we offer 3, 5, 10 and 20-session packages. These sessions are valid for six months. We recently added a one-month unlimited package for those that wrap multiple times each week. As temperatures drop, the one-month unlimited package is quickly becoming the most popular.

How big is your staff? What has assisted them in selling sessions?

We have 3 people on staff. It is a requirement that a new team member shadow Ali, the owner and manager for the first several weeks. We have developed processes that have proven successful to the overall client experience, beginning with the very first phone call a person makes to our studio. It is important that we maintain consistency for our clients no matter who is working that day. The sales process is a huge part of the client experience. We believe the benefits of a FIT Bodywrap session essentially sells itself. So in lieu of “selling” sessions, we have been able to allow sales to grow more organically.

How does the FIT Bodywrap serve your clients’ needs?

We document feedback to assist us in our understanding of how our clients are benefitting from their body wrap sessions. Without a doubt, pain relief is the number one benefit clients are thankful for, overworked muscles, arthritis, back/knee injuries, pain that is magnified in these extreme temperatures. It’s only 12 degrees outside as I write this! Second is the benefit of “me time” which we translate into stress management and a close third is skin rejuvenation.


How do your staff and clients feel about infrared sessions and their FIT Bodywrap results?

It’s my pleasure to share the testimonials of Ali, myself and two of our clients.

Ali Bowman – I am a full-time student at Oakland University. I am also one of those people that get pretty stressed out and then I break out which causes even more stress. My mom introduced me to FIT Bodywrap. I have seen a difference in my skin and in the way I feel. Even though the wraps don’t replace my workouts, they make me feel rejuvenated, confident and energized.

Lisa Bowman – I “discovered” infrared body wraps a couple winters ago while shopping for a sauna for my home. The cold weather is pretty tough, am I really old enough to be complaining about my arthritis? Pain relief was most certainly the driving force to keep me going back. But I must tell you what else happened… my skin looked amazing! I slept better. I felt relaxed yet energized, if that even makes sense. It’s been a real game changer.

Denise Burnett – I absolutely love doing the infrared wraps! I look forward to relaxing by myself for an hour, it’s a time that I can think, play on my phone, listen to music and sometimes even sleep! I also really enjoy feeling incredibly relaxed when I am done with my session, almost like a massage. Of course, the added bonus is the sweat, it’s great because you’re burning calories while doing nothing!

Gary Andrus – For my first appointment with Infrared Body Wraps I was met by the manager at the front desk. She explained how the FIT Bodywrap worked and the simple steps to an hour of calming warmth. The “bed” is a cross between a comfortable lounge chair and a massage table. I have an infrared sauna at home, but this is so much more. Warming deeply without the heat on your head, listening to my music with headphones, I didn’t want the hour to end. I had no idea how this simple experience would result in such a sweat. I will be coming back again this week!


Overall, how has your facility benefitted from the FIT Bodywrap system?

The FIT Bodywrap system is at the center of our business structure. It was important to us to offer a quality service and products to compliment other specialty health and fitness boutique studios in the Birmingham, MI area. The FIT Bodywrap presents well, offers ease of use, cleans beautifully and has been very consistent in its delivery of infrared heat.

Now, this is how it’s done!  As you can see Infrared Body Wraps started with a thought-out plan and they continue to grow their business with the use of infrared heat. Thank you, Lisa, and Ali for sharing your story with us!

Want to Visit Infrared Body Wraps?

Owner/Manager: Ali Bowman

Address: 725 South Adams, Suite 190, Birmingham, MI 48009


 Telephone: 248-885-6765

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