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A Perfect FIT with Beach Club Skin Spa

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, Beach Club Skin Spa is the perfect getaway for tanning, beauty and skincare upkeep. In this special feature, enjoy an inside look at how Beach Club Skin Spa integrates the FIT Bodywrap system into its tanning salon services.

We chatted with Beach Club Skin Spa Manager Summer Ayers about how the FIT Bodywrap complements its spa therapy treatments and helps customers meet their fitness and wellness goals. Here’s what she had to say.

Photo: Courtesy of Beach Club Skin Spa

Q: In a nutshell, can you give us an overview of Beach Club Skin Spa and what type of services a guest can find at your facility?

A: Beach Club Skin Spa is a well-established skin spa in San Jose, Calif. Our doors have been open for over 20 years, and we offer a variety of services ranging from FIT Bodywrap, red light skin therapy, an array of sunbeds and spray tan booths, and sunless tanning.

Q: Do you offer concurrent treatments with the FIT Bodywrap at your location?

A: During a FIT Bodywrap session, clients are offered teeth whitening sessions while they relax. Each body wrap is in its own private room equipped with a smart TV that streams Netflix. This gives clients the option to stay entertained by their favorite movies or shows, or simply to relax or nap in their own quiet room.

Photo: Courtesy of Beach Club Skin Spa

Q: How does the FIT Bodywrap serve your clients’ needs?

A: We see a huge diversity within clients using the FIT Bodywrap at Beach Club Skin Spa. Most clients come to us to use the body wrap as an aid in their weight loss journey. We also get a lot of people who are interested in the detox factors of the FIT Bodywrap. Lately, we’ve even had multiple U.S. Olympic powerlifters use the FIT Bodywrap to soothe their achy muscles and joints!

Q: How have you been able to successfully sell FIT Bodywrap treatments?

A: So far, everyone loves the FIT Bodywrap! We sell the body wraps in individual sessions and also offer a reasonable monthly price, which allows for unlimited FIT Bodywrap access. The convenience of purchasing and scheduling a body wrap has brought a lot of business to our spa. We use Groupon to advertise the body wraps, which has worked well and has brought a lot of volume to our location. In addition, we have an online scheduling site, which allows clients to book their own appointments straight from their mobile phone or computer. We also gain a lot of clients through word-of-mouth, as nearly everyone has had positive experiences with the FIT Bodywrap.

Q: How has your facility benefitted from the FIT Bodywrap?

A: There aren’t many places nearby that offer the FIT Bodywrap experience. Because of this, clients choose to come to us. Most clients look into body wraps in preparation for a special event.

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