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A Perfect FIT: Tanners Cove

In sunny Salinas, California, Tanners Cove offers a mix of tanning and spa services to their customers. Owner, Ella Bisconti has done a fabulous job crafting her service menu and providing a friendly and relaxing salon experience. “We are proud to be part of our community, and we pride ourselves with continuing to focus on our clients and their needs, keeping our clients happy and knowing who our clients are,” she says. “Tanners Cove is dedicated to providing the best tanning experience possible and are proud to offer luxury services such as the FIT Bodywrap, at prices anyone can afford.”

We spoke with Ella to find out why she is so successful and here’s what we found!

Can you give us an overview of your business? 

Tanners Cove is a locally owned salon in Salinas, California, established in 2002. Over the years, we have morphed from a salon offering indoor tanning, to a salon that offers indoor tanning, UV Free tanning, red light therapy, LED teeth whitening services, and for the past three years we have included FIT Bodywrap services. We also carry Bare Minerals, Becca Cosmetics, Nyx Cosmetics, and Morphe Brushes for our customers.

What got you interested in infrared?

We were looking at bringing in additional services to our salon that would complement the services already offered.  When we were introduced to the FIT Bodywrap system, it seemed to be the perfect FIT!  The penetrating infrared heat delivered to our customers during their treatment helps promote detoxification, weight loss, reduces cellulite and improves their skin.  Our clients have embraced the FIT Bodywrap system, and it has become popular with many of them.

Why did you choose FIT Bodywrap?

Not only does FIT Bodywrap provide results for our clients, but it is also a system that the clients can be in control of during their session.  There is no wrapping up of the client’s body by staff required like systems such as the Formostar system.  The customer can get in and out of the system effortlessly, and control the temperatures and zones themselves as well, therefore it requires less effort from our staff each session.

“Bringing the FIT Bodywrap into our salon has allowed us to diversify our services offered to our clients, which in return has increased revenue.  In addition, the FIT Bodywrap is used year-round, which helps keep us busy during the off months for tanning services,” Ella Bisconti, Owner, Tanners Cove

Do you offer packages of FIT Bodywrap sessions at your location?

Yes, we offer a variety of packages for our customers, including 1, 5, 10 session packages, as well as a VIP membership for up to 15 sessions per month for a monthly fee.  We also sell the FIT Booster Spray which enhances our customers results.

Which packages are the most popular?

The most popular FIT Bodywrap package is the monthly session we offer; it includes up to 15 sessions per month.  Our clients combine the FIT Bodywrap sessions, with tanning, red light therapy, and spray tans.

How big is your staff and what has assisted them in selling sessions?

We currently have 5 staff members.  One of the things that have assisted their sales of FIT Bodywrap sessions is the fact that they have all used it as well.  Having the experience, and knowing what results they get has been very beneficial in explaining it to clients.

What do you love about the FIT Booster and  FIT Coat?

Our clients love the added benefits they get when they use the FIT Booster Spray and FIT Coat.  Using these products also noticeably enhances the detoxification experience.

How does the FIT Bodywrap serve your clients’ needs?

Our clients use the FIT Bodywrap for a variety of reasons.  Some use it specifically for pain management, or to help detox and weight management, and some use it for all the benefits they get out of it.

How many sessions does your facility do each day on average? How do you keep track them and how do you market?  

Some days we are booked back to back from the time we open until the time we close, and others may be as little as 2 to 3 sessions, however on an average we do a minimum of 6 sessions per day.  We use an online scheduling program, which allows our clients to schedule their own appointments, or if they prefer they can have us schedule their appointments for them.  We track the use by using Helios and we market it on our website, Instagram, Facebook, radio, text messages and through friend referrals.

How has your experience with the FIT team been thus far and how has your facility benefited from offering FIT Bodywrap?

It’s been fabulous!  Whenever our staff has had questions, or need assistance from the FIT team, they are always available and go above and beyond to provide assistance. 

A Perfect FIT: Tanners Cove

Bringing the FIT Bodywrap into our salon has allowed us to diversify our services offered to our clients, which in return has increased revenue.  In addition, the FIT Bodywrap is used year-round, which helps keep us busy during the off months for tanning services.

What is your favorite benefit? What are your client’s favorite benefits?

Our teams favorite benefit is the weight management/detox benefit.  Many of our clients start are curious about it and will try it for that reason as well, however, they also begin to notice the other benefits such as pain relief, relaxation, and just the overall good feeling you benefit from.

What would you say to a business who wants to introduce FIT?

I would recommend they try it!  My only regret with the FIT Bodywrap is that I don’t currently have room to add a second system.

Thank you for sharing your story Ella! It sounds like Tanners Cove is offering FIT Bodywrap to their customers in the perfect way. We are so happy to hear that they are really benefiting from their infrared sessions and FIT Bodywrap results.

Want to visit Tanners Cove? Tell them FIT Bodywrap sent you!



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