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A Perfect FIT: Glo Sun Spa Franchise

If you’re searching for indulgent services, a friendly staff and top-quality results you’ll find it with Glo Sun Spa. Clients rave about the beautiful facilities and equipment in each of the 18 locations, some of which have been open for 17 years. “I started my business in 1990 as a traditional tanning salon. Over time we evolved to offer more spa related, wellness, skin care, and weight management aspects to the business,” says Todd Earnhart, Founder. “Quality services have been added to increase client results. These services have also boosted income opportunity to what was already becoming a large client base.”

A North Texas graduate with a business and marketing degree Earnhart started his career in the industry after an injury prohibited him from continuing to pursue his NFL dreams. “I started a consulting company catering to tanning salons and shortly after opened the doors to Glo Sun Spa,” he says.

Glo Sun Spa has successfully offered FIT Bodywrap for years. They are involved in their communities, love their clients and are always on the cutting edge of beauty technology. “We are a unique spa, we operate as a working showroom that features all the newest technology from the top manufacturers worldwide,” says Tammy Jewell, Manager of Glo Sun Spa Houston. “We feature the world’s most innovative equipment, impeccable service and the cleanest environment with effective results! When you come to Glo, you can indulge yourself with our concierge service, our spa like environment and the finest equipment in the world.”

We asked Mr. Earnhart to share more about how he and his team have grown a successful infrared business. Here’s what he had to say.

What got you interested in infrared? 

The benefits of infrared have appealed to me for several years, and I have owned infrared saunas. The infrared heat was one more modality to expand into that just fit right into our business model.

Why did you choose FIT Bodywrap? 

The FIT Bodywrap system is easy to use and less labor intensive than other options. Also, FIT Bodywrap provides training and a good sales and support team.

How does Glo offer FIT Bodywrap, a la carte? Packages? Both?

Both. It is considered a spa service at Glo that can be purchased in packages or added into membership.

How do you feel FIT Bodywrap has made a difference in your business?

I’ve noticed a difference the diversity of our clientele. Offering FIT Bodywrap gives us a wider market appeal, and that’s crucial.

What do the Glo Sun Spa employees love about the FIT Booster and the FIT Coat?

For one, add on sales are a plus. Clients can purchase the FIT Booster and use it as home as well as in the spa. Enhanced performance and cleanliness are also positives.

What is your favorite FIT Bodywrap benefit? What are your client’s favorite benefits?

Mine and my client’s favorite benefit is the calorie burn and weight loss. Infrared heat is great for making you sweat!

FIT Bodywrap Success Story Glo Sun Spa

“FIT Bodywrap represents an amazing income opportunity for a very small investment. It’s a no brainer!”

How does the FIT Bodywrap serve your clients’ needs?

The FIT Bodywrap system acts as a relaxing way to burn calories, alleviate pain, jump-start diet, and fitness protocols!

How has your experience with the FIT team been over the years?

Support is outstanding. I am constantly solicited from competing brands, but my loyalty is with FIT Bodywrap. They have earned it!

What would you say to a business owner who is interested in FIT Bodywrap?

Stay away from it, so your clients keep coming to us!! Seriously, FIT Bodywrap represents an amazing income opportunity for a very small investment. It’s a no brainer!

A big thank you to the Glo Sun Spa team for giving us some insight into their business and how they acheive FIT Bodywrap results. There are many ways a company might incorporate infrared heat, but Glo is a perfect FIT for FIT Bodywrap!

Want to visit Glo Sun Spa? Tell them FIT Bodywrap sent you!



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