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A Perfect FIT: Cleansing Concepts

For nearly a decade the Cleansing Concepts Detox Spas have been offering holistic wellness options. When our bodies aren’t functioning properly, looking inside is often the best way to find out why. Vanessa Drew, Owner and Creator of Cleansing Concepts knows this well.  She created her wellness and detox spas to help others feel better. “Cleansing Concepts is a detox spa offering holistic treatments to help individuals reach their wellness goals through cleansing and detoxification,” says Vanessa. With 3 locations and 3 FIT Bodywrap systems Vanessa and her team offer luxury wellness services focused on health and well-being. Vanessa is a long-time FIT Bodywrap provider and we asked her to share a bit about her success with us. 

Here’s how she has used the FIT Bodywrap system to help grow her business.

Tell us about the history of Cleansing Concepts and what you offer.

We have been in business for 9 years and our services include FIT Bodywrap, colon hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, ionic foot detox, lymphatic drainage and My Lipo Light. I personally have been in the business for 12 years and started Cleansing Concepts because of my near-death experience with traditional doctors. This inspired me to find different modalities to help the public get well holistically! 

“What it did for Cleansing Concepts as a business was remarkable. FIT Bodywrap brought in an entirely new clientele of people looking for just inch and weight loss assistance, and introduced them to a new world of cleansing and detox.”

What got you interested in infrared?

I was first introduced to the technology of infrared heat after searching the web about 7 years ago. As I searched, I was looking to add a new service to my practice. After a lot of thorough exploration, I found that infrared was one of the world’s best kept secrets! Cleansing Concepts started with an infrared sauna.

Why did you choose FIT Bodywrap?

After a year or so of using the infrared sauna personally and watching the great response my clients had to using it, I continued to look for other services that could help my clients. Since I already knew a main concern for them was weight loss and detoxification discovering the FIT Bodywrap was a home-run.

What it did for Cleansing Concepts as a business was remarkable. FIT Bodywrap brought in an entirely new clientele of people looking for just inch and weight loss assistance, and introduced them to a new world of cleansing and detox. We have helped so many people who are injured and could not work out lose weight at the same time as getting of the healing benefits of the infrared wavelengths.

Do you offer packages of FIT Bodywrap sessions at your location?

At Cleansing Concepts, we offer packages of FIT Bodywrap sessions. Usually a series of 3, 5 and 10. We have the clients come in at least twice a week for treatment and the results have been astounding! We recently added a new service called My Lipo light that helps to melt the fat into the lymphatic system, after this session we have them go straight into the FIT Bodywrap for an hour to help sweat out all the toxins from their lymph system and fat cells.  We also offer a combination package of FIT Bodywrap and a foot bath for the ultimate detox experience!

Which FIT Bodywrap packages are the most popular and how many FIT Bodywrap clients do you see each week?

We have one FIT Bodywrap system per location. We are booked all day, every day for the FIT Bodywrap. I am even considering putting another one in my busiest location to satisfy our customers’ request for this service! We see about 50-60 clients a week!

FIT Bodywrap Success Stories Cleansing Concepts

What do you love about the FIT Booster and/or FIT Coat?

The FIT Booster Spray is another really great way to increase revenue. The clients love the FIT Booster and even want to use it for when they are working out or in our infrared sauna.

How does the FIT Bodywrap serve your clients’ needs?

The clients love the fact that they are getting inch loss, fat reduction, pain relief, detox, and anti-aging benefits from using the wrap! My personal experience with the wrap was using it prior to vacation. I noticed that I was looking and feeling much tighter and more toned on the beach, leaving me feeling more confident than ever! We have brides come in all the time as part of our “3 Weeks til’ the Wedding” package and just rave about how they love the FIT Bodywrap system and their results!

How do you market your FIT Bodywrap system?

Something that helped us get so busy was our participation with Groupon. This marketing strategy helped us bring in new clients from all over. The benefit of offering a discounted service is to introduce the clients to all our services eventually, and to have them continue using the FIT Bodywrap on a regular basis. It worked!!

What would you say to a business who wants to introduce FIT?

If a business owner is looking to introduce FIT Bodywrap to their business I would say go for it! Just make sure you market it properly and the staff knows all about it to help assist in the sale of FIT Booster and FIT Bodywrap packages. 

Vanessa and her team prioritize helping their clients achieve better health through the use of holistic natural solutions. It’s easy to see why customers love Cleansing Concepts, there they can find a variety of services to help them reach their wellness goals. The Cleansing Concepts team does a great job of utilizing their system to its potential and helping clients see FIT Bodywrap results. Thank you for sharing with us Vanessa!

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Garden City, NY Phone: (516) 640-5322

Smithtown, NY Phone: (631) 656-6313

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