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A Perfect FIT: Auburn Massage & Wellness Centre

Auburn Massage Centre
Auburn Massage Centre

With rave reviews, Auburn Massage & Wellness Centre is a wellness focused spa located in Auburn, Indiana. Owners, Sarah Lapadot and Laura Hall, have been in the spa business for over a decade. They truly enjoy offering wellness, body treatments, and skin care to their clients, and they’re sharing their FIT Bodywrap success story with us.

“Laura and I Started the company ten years ago,” says Sarah, Co-Owner. “We offer many different types of massage treatments, such as relaxation, deep tissue, sports massage, stretch treatments and facials.” 

With about a dozen staff members Auburn Wellness Centre has noticed a growing need for self-care. 

“We believe the misconception of Massage Therapy & Skin Care is that it is a luxury for the wealthy. However, Massage Therapy & Skin Care are ancient forms of healing that benefit all ages & lifestyles,” they say on their website.

We asked Sarah and Laura how FIT Bodywrap has positively affected their business, their lives, and the lives of their clients. Here’s what they had to say!

First things first! Tell us what got you interested in infrared?

We were in search of a service or product to help our clients with pain relief, detoxification, and weight loss. We came across the FIT Bodywrap system, and that is when we started to research infrared heat therapy.

Is that how you found and chose FIT Bodywrap for your spa?

Yes, we chose FIT Bodywrap because it is something that would help both of us personally as well as our clients. It offers so many significant benefits that are safe and effective. 

Any success stories you’d like to share?

Yes! One of our longtime clients experienced immediate relief from pain, and we’ll let her explain!

“I am a 60-year-old woman that has had extreme fibromyalgia for over a decade. My body has been in constant and painful spasm for years. My muscles are rocks hard, and not the good way. I have all I can to reduce the pain and try to remain active in life. I take medication, watch my diet, see a chiropractor, and have a massage therapist. My masseuse suggested I try her new FIT Bodywrap before I got my next massage to heat up and loosen my muscles.

It was remarkable. The FIT Bodywrap session was prior to my massage, and I never thought I would ever feel this way. My muscles were loose and pliable. The massage was relaxing instead of an effort to loosen my muscles just relieve some of the pain. It is truly the first time in years that I felt pain-free. And, I felt great for over a week. I look forward to making this a ritual and to the day I will be able to go a month between massages instead of every other week. Thanks, FIT. –Deborah S.

Wow! What AMAZING FIT Bodywrap results! Thank you for sharing. Here’s a tough question. What is your favorite benefit?

My favorite benefit is the warmth the wrap provides for our aching bodies. After a long day of giving massages it nice to be able to relax and get relief from the heat. I occasionally fall asleep while relaxing in the body wrap, too!!

Do you offer packages of FIT Bodywrap sessions at your location?

We offer individual sessions as well as packages and a complimentary first session. For those that want to come in regularly, we offer a monthly and yearly package. Many of our clients have noticed that they get the best results when they participate in FIT Bodywrap sessions before or after a massage!

How do you feel about the training and marketing tools you’ve received from FIT?

Our experience with the FIT team has been great!  Everyone has been friendly and informative. I love the emails we get and blogs we can share on our social media pages to help educate others about the benefits of infrared heat therapy at Auburn Massage & Wellness Centre!

A big Thank You to Auburn Massage & Wellness Centre for sharing your FIT Bodywrap success story. We love hearing about the fantastic body wrap results your clients and business are seeing. Keep up the good work of helping people relieve pain and improve their wellness!

Want to Visit Auburn Massage & Wellness Centre? Tell them FIT Bodywrap sent you!



Phone: (260) 925-4500

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