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A Growing Need for Detoxification Via FIT Bodywraps

There are few better ways to detoxify your body than through the use of an infrared body wrap. Dietary detox plans are not nearly as effective. This is due to the nature of the numerous toxins our bodies encounter in today’s world.

The Prevalence of Modern Toxins

There are very few, if any, places in the world where a person will not be exposed to toxins. Numerous studies have pointed out just how prevalent they are – and how dangerous. For instance, during gestation, a mother passes along more than 200 toxins to her growing fetus that are found present at birth. As an adult, the average American moves 14 pounds of toxins through his or her body. The effects are seen even after death. The job of the modern embalmer has become easier because more than 40% of corpses already have 12 pounds of preservatives in their remains in the form of toxins, providing a chemical embalming effect. All of these toxins are cancer initiators. The more toxins our bodies absorb – and the longer they stay there – the greater our chances of suffering from numerous types of cancers. In fact, medical doctors today continually find themselves treating those people they consider chronically ill. They estimate that eight out of 10 patients experience moderate to severe immune system problems due to toxic exposure. Without surgery and radiation, they can’t be helped.

Why Toxins Are So Hard to Get Rid Of

Toxins can be categorized as one of two types: those that will dissolve in water and those that won’t. Water soluble toxins are easiest to flush from the body, since they are removed via normal processes such as urination. Toxins that are not water soluble must be dissolved in fat; they cannot be detoxified by the liver or secreted through bile. And some of that fat gets reabsorbed by the body, allowing dangerous toxins to remain. Perhaps the safest way to get rid of them is through the skin, specifically via the process of sweating. When the average person perspires, their sweat is composed of only 5% fat, cholesterol and dissolved heavy metal toxins. But when using an infrared system to induce sweat, that percentage goes up to 15%! That same amount of sweat causes you to lose three times more fat, cholesterol and toxins. And once it’s gone, it’s gone forever and won’t be reabsorbed.

Infrared Radiation to the Rescue!

In terms of detoxing the body, the FIT Bodywrap© system has outstanding benefits. It provides the concentrated infrared heating effect that causes the body to sweat profusely, thus eliminating the types of heavy metal toxins that are not water soluble – and make dietary detox plans ineffective. Detoxification provides numerous benefits to the human body. With the FIT Bodywrap© system, it becomes easy to experience overall wellness through the elimination of toxins, fat and cholesterol.

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