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9 Misconceptions About Infrared Body Wraps

Rumor has it that all infrared body wraps produce the same results and the main benefit is weight loss, you just lose some water weight and become dehydrated in the process… right?! Well, not exactly.

While speaking with business owners, consumers and industry experts we have heard your questions and have put together this list of misconceptions to provide some real information on infrared energy and it’s many benefits. So, let’s clear up some of the gossips you may have seen while browsing the web.

1. Are All Infrared Body Wraps the same?

Throughout the past decade, several companies have tried their hand at creating an infrared body wrap. There are two types of wraps, wraps created for home use and wraps that are commercial grade. Some of these wraps cover the entire body to raise the core body temperature, while some only treat specific areas used mainly for the treatment of chronic pain patients. The engineering, materials used as well as safety components have a lot to do with what makes an effective infrared body wrap, and the quality and functionality of the far infrared wrap will set it apart from others.

2. Is it true that you only lose water weight during a session?

About 65% of the human body is made up of water. During an infrared session, the body’s core temperature is raised, which stimulates sweat production and allows the body to release toxins, fats through the sweat glands. Hydration is incredibly important because we need water not only to survive but also to produce infrared sweat. Getting your glisten on while sweating at the gym or on a run is also important, but the key to a successful infrared session is, well, the infrared. By penetrating approximately 1.5 inches into the body, infrared therapy can promote the release of toxins, fats, and cholesterol that is not replaced when you rehydrate. During an infrared session the body can release up to 20% fats and toxins, this is in comparison to about 3-5% released during traditional exercise. And this is one of the major differences between infrared wraps and traditional wraps. Infrared can provide results for clients that other wraps cannot.

3. Will they cause dehydration?

Picking up where we left off in misconception number two. If the body is dehydrated, it’s possible that sweat will not be produced. And yes, the process of sweating is removing water from the body but an infrared wrap will not dehydrate you any more than an intense workout because let’s face it, any sweat-inducing activity will require H20 to replenish the body! Consuming water before, during and after each session is necessary. It is recommended to drink more water than you might normally drink to see optimal results if a session is executed correctly the client will have consumed more water than usual and this will allow them to sweat without feeling parched. Keep in mind; it’s important to continue hydrating after each session as it helps the body release pollutants, and enables it to flush metabolized fats and toxins. Infrared body wrap

4. Infrared is not natural

We experience infrared each day, 54% of the sun’s output is infrared and all warm-blooded animals, including humans, emit it. Done and done!

5.What about safety?

Body treatments should be safe, effective and enjoyable. Infrared heat itself is safe; so safe that it is used in the NICU for premature babies. We cannot speak for each infrared body wrap out there when it comes to safety features, but this is why it’s important to do your research! The materials, sensors, and temperatures generated by the FIT Bodywrap System have been vigorously tested to ensure safe use. Do note, body wrap equipment is a wear and tear item and will need to be replaced periodically to provide the expected results. Think light bulbs or tires on your car, you wouldn’t drive a car with bald tires, right? Make certain you stay on top of replacements, and you’ll be good to go.

6. Aren’t wraps exactly like a sauna?

Infrared saunas and infrared body wraps can absolutely live in the same space in your business. Although both services utilize the power of infrared heat, they are different. A sauna session usually lasts 20 minutes or less as the participant cannot withstand a longer session. Additionally, the infrared waves need to pass through the entirety of the sauna to reach the client’s body. An infrared body wrap session typically lasts about one hour as the participant can relax and breathe room temperature air. Many of the benefits are often seen within the last half hour of the session because it takes the body a bit of time to raise its temperature and begin sweating. Moreover, during a body wrap session, the infrared is a lot closer to the body. Therefore, this enables an infrared body wrap to be significantly more effective than infrared saunas. Infrared heat therapy

7. Is it really possible for benefits to be noticed right away?

This one’s a little tricky, infrared can assist with many wellness benefits, and it is true that it may take multiple sessions to see desired weight loss results. However, benefits such as pain relief and detoxification can be noticed after one session. It’s important to note that everybody is different, although some may share similar results, each infrared session is a truly unique experience. Why? We are all unique! Additionally, the condition of our bodies varies day, by day and more sweat may be produced during one session than another. For example, you and your workout buddy may see different results while doing the same workouts but it doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong! Fitbody wrap

8. Does participation in body wrap sessions mean you don’t have to workout or eat healthy meals?

The magical cure? While this would be fantastic, it’s simply not true. Achieving weight loss and fitness goals is a lifestyle, and we encourage healthy eating, a workout regimen and participating in infrared sessions to see weight loss results. Now, this is not to say that infrared body wraps cannot help with weight loss, they absolutely can, and we hear success stories daily! A one-hour infrared session can simulate a cardio workout, and all we are saying here is that it may take some time to shed those unwanted pounds. It can be challenging to give an exact number of calories burned or inches lost during a session but, sweating does consume calories, and an infrared body wrap session can induce 3-5 times more sweat than exercise alone will produce. Read more here!  

 9. Sweating has no real health benefits

Sweating it out it is a necessary bodily function. The production of sweat is known for detoxifying, protecting the body from overheating, strengthening the immune system by opening up the pores to purge the body of toxins that can cause pimples, eczema, and rashes. According to the Center for Disease Control, the cause of more than 80% of all illnesses can be found in a person’s environment or lifestyle. Blocked sweat glands can be a medical concern, and some doctors believe it may be caused by hormones or the immune system. Detoxifying through sweat can improve toxicity levels and may be just what the doctor ordered. infrared sweat

Now that’s a wrap!

Infrared can assist with many wellness benefits and people all over the world are experiencing pain relief, detoxification, weight loss & cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation and relaxation, to name a few! Let us know if you have questions about infrared body wraps that we didn’t answer here, we’re always happy to help.

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Common Questions About Infrared Body Wraps

Q1. How often can you go for infrared body wraps?

This basically depends on the lifestyle of an individual. If you are highly active, you can go for infrared body wrap treatments every 2 days. For amazing results, it is advised to immediately go for infrared body wraps before a workout, as they help destroy dramatic calorie volumes.

Q2. What is the infrared body wrap system?

Infrared body wraps use electromagnetic waves to activate biological tissues. Infrared Body Wraps are ideal for increasing metabolic processes, burning calories, stimulating circulation to problem regions, and detoxification.

Q3. What happens during the infrared body wrap treatment?

The infrared light is not visible to the human eye, but it can be felt through the warmth on the skin. When experiencing the inflated body wrap treatment, individuals notice that the body starts getting warm from the inside out, and that is the beginning of the detox.

Q4. What is the output of infrared body wrap?

With regular infrared body wrap treatments, the texture of your skin improves due to the collagen production with the heat. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite through multiple sessions.

Q5. How much time is required for body wrap infrared treatment?

The infrared body wrap treatment requires almost 2 hours. 30 minutes are invested in measuring the wrap, 30 minutes for unwrapping and re-measuring, and 1 hour to relax after wrapping up.

Q6. Can infrared body wrap treatment improve the loose skin?

Yes, infrared body wrap treatment is a famous treatment to improve sagging and flabby skin. It is an effective treatment to bring back the shape of your body.

Q7. How many calories do you burn in an infrared body wrap?

It has been found that a 30-minute session can burn as much as 600 calories and a 50-minute session can burn up to 1,400 calories. If you want to shed weight, an Infrared Body Wrap might be your key to success. 

Q8. What to wear for an infrared body wrap?

You can wear a bathing suit, light gym clothing, or an airy cotton shirt and jeans. Because you will be sweating, it is recommended that you bring another pair of clothes to wear home.

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