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5 Steps to Increase your FIT Bodywrap Sales

Sales are based on trust and in the beauty and wellness industry, we are in the business of educating clients on the benefits of a service and how it can help them achieve a goal.  If you’ve heard the phrase “you’ve got to spend money to make money” you’ll know that while it can be true, there are many ways that business owners can increase service sales without incurring extra costs.

Here at FIT Bodywrap we know that selling sessions is an important part of your business. Your clientele needs to body wrap to see results, purchase FIT Booster and keep coming back for more. We’ve assembled 5 Steps that can increase your sales without spending a fortune on marketing.

1. Hit The Books

When was the last time you secret-shopped your business? If you were to call right now and ask the coordinator who answers the phone about booking a FIT Bodywrap session what would they say? If thinking about that makes you a little nervous…it’s time to update your teams training.

Anyone answering the phone or speaking with guests at your business should be an expert on the services you offer and products you carry. Clients come to see you because they trust your opinion on which services are best for them. Keep in mind that they don’t know what they don’t know so shout it from the rooftops that you offer FIT Bodywrap!

 2. Practice Listening and Being Present

We often “hear” what clients are saying but do we “notice” what they are saying? Providing excellent Customer Service includes picking up on facial expressions, body language and mood. If your client is having a bad day your chipper sales pitch may not strike their fancy. You can still pitch a service to them by taking a different approach, be genuine in asking them how they are doing and find out how the services you offer can meet their needs.

3. Reward Efficiency

Turning over a room quickly and learning about balancing the number of your businesses open hours  will make a huge difference in your sales. Why? Because time is money! Filling every open appointment that you can is a sure-fire way to increase sales, even if you need to discount those last minute openings. It can be helpful to develop step-by-step instructions for your staff to reset or turn over a treatment room as well as scheduling tips!

Visit the Certified Provider Center for step-by-step cleaning instructions that can be done in a breeze!

4.Manage your Revenue and Cross Market

Create packages and use your menu to your advantage. Take note of which services your clients participate in most often and generate more revenue by offering them a FIT Bodywrap session add-on at a discounted rate. Obtaining data will be an important piece of this puzzle, market your clients favorite services to them using e-blasts, text and social media.

 5.Inspire those around you

Tell your story and show your passion! Not only will you encourage your staff and create a positive culture, but you may also motivate clients.  Passion can be contagious, so share the reasons why you chose the equipment and services you offer.

What’s the next step? 

Get started! Share these ideas at your next team meeting and don’t be afraid to make some changes to the way you approach session sales, your clients will notice!

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