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5 Fitness Tools To Help You Stay In Shape

When it comes to losing weight and staying in shape, there’s nothing wrong with using modern technology to help you do it. In fact, there are a number of cool new gadgets that could make your fitness goals easier to achieve. Here are five of which you may not be aware.

1. Get Social

Sometimes the best way to set realistic goals and stay motivated is by using the power of social connections. In this day and age, those social connections don’t need to be face-to-face; there are plenty of online communities with a variety of tools, tips and techniques for helping you get, and stay, in shape. Two of the more popular ones are Spark People and Fitocracy. Both sites allow you to post goals, participate in challenges and interact with other users while featuring popular recipes and exercises. And both work on a points system that allows you to reap additional benefits every time you log in.

2. Pedometers

There are lots of pedometers on the market available in a variety of price points. You can choose anything from a very simple device that slips into your pocket to a more sophisticated, digital version that keeps track of goals and progress. A new one called Striiv even allows you to register your steps in walk-a-thons that donate money to charity. If you haven’t checked out today’s modern pedometers, you might be surprised at how sophisticated these simple devices have become.

3. Smartphone Apps

Who doesn’t take their smartphone with them everywhere? Why not use yours as a fitness tool by downloading apps that function as a pedometer or GPS unit that shows the route you’ve walked? There are apps that provide daily motivational tips and quotes, exercise routines, and diet suggestions. Others calculate calories and give you the skinny on the nutritional value of fast foods (which is almost an oxymoron!). Free or paid, there are plenty of apps to help you get in shape, lose weight and count calories.

4. Body Wraps

Want to accelerate your weight loss or just fit into those skinny jeans you wish to wear out on the town tonight? You can easily lose inches just by visiting your local tanning salon and slipping into a special wrap that uses far infrared rays to warm your body from the inside out. As it heats up, your body naturally starts to sweat and that sweating requires energy in the form of calories. Try it for one sixty-minute session and see how many inches you can lose quickly and easily from your abs, hips or thighs.

5. Smart Scales

A scale is a dieter’s best friend – or worst enemy. Either way, you need to know your starting weight and your current weight in order to assess your weight loss progress. Today’s home scales are extremely sophisticated with models that allow you to input goal weight, calculate body mass index, and track ups and downs as small as an ounce.

You may not have been aware of these five fantastic fitness tools and services such as the body wrap before but now that you are, why not use them to help achieve your personal goals? Whether you wish to lose weight or inches or simply get more fit, technological tools such as these make it easier and more fun.

Marie Morehouse blogs for FIT Bodywrap, the revolutionary way to lose pounds and inches and relieve muscles, joint aches and pains over your lunch hour! Just one 60-minute session in a salon provides the healing relief and therapeutic cellulite melting properties of Far Infrared Technology., like those found in a traditional sauna environment but without breathing in the hot air. Find out for yourself how great it feels to be wrapped in warmth and walk away looking and feeling better. Call 1-760-542-6707 to find a salon near you. Learn about the latest news in physical therapy and weight loss by liking our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you there

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