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5 Common Questions Spas Ask About Infrared Body Wraps

Body wraps are often considered luxurious and indulgent services, but what if they were seen and positioned as investments in wellness? The radiant heat produced by infrared has been known to penetrate the skin more deeply than a traditional sauna or even a traditional body wrap for that matter and because of this infrared body wraps can provide heaps of wellness benefits. If this is a new concept for you, we bet you have questions, so we thought we’d provide some answers!

1. What Does an Infrared Body Wrap Do?

The majority of spas are familiar with body wraps. Perhaps they offer a traditional style body treatment on their menu, or they’ve had one in the past. While the infrared body wrap concept is similar to that of a traditional wrap it is also very different. Infrared technology has made it possible for people all over the world to enjoy a sweat inducing, pain relieving, body rejuvenating service all while relaxing in their favorite spa environment.

2. Do Body Wraps Work?

Yes, yes, they do and that’s why we’re in business! We know that infrared heat can work wonders and the variety of benefits it can provide to the human body are genuine. Spa lovers tend to select spa treatments that will provide them with results. An infrared body wrap may give you that “warm and fuzzy” feeling (it is heat after all), but it is a results driven service that can provide real successes for clients.

3. What are the Benefits of Heat Therapy?

Similar to a table warmer that’s used for massage, or a warm compress applied to an injury heat therapy has tons and tons of uses in our daily lives. Clients that participate in infrared immersion report feelings of relaxation, relief from pain, improvements in skin condition, weight loss, detoxification and more! Additional benefits for spas include the ability to offer infrared add-ons pre or post massage.

4. How Can I Integrate an Infrared Service Into My Current Spa Menu?

Oh, the possibilities! Infrared body wraps are a comfy-cozy add on to most, if not all of the body treatments on your menu. Many spa management teams have found that they elevate their list of services by adding a treatment that can be offered standalone or as an adjunctive treatment to increase revenue. As mentioned above, incorporating a smidge of soothing infrared heat before or after a massage can not only encourage your client to relax, but it can actually assist them with pain relief, continued relaxation, detoxification and many wellness benefits. Nothing like leaving the spa feeling like a million bucks!

5. Will Clients See or Feel Results?

Both! People all over are seeing and feeling results from infrared body wrap sessions. Yes, it does take a few sessions to see weight loss results, but many people are experiencing relief from body pain, relaxation and toxin release after just one session. Something that sets an infrared body wrap apart from the traditional Mylar blanket wrap approach is the… you guessed it… Infrared!

Because infrared shows itself as heat it does induce perspiration. The soothing heat can also provide relief for those suffering from pain, assist in the detox process, increase blood flow to rejuvenate the skin and guide your client into deep relaxation. These benefits, as well as infrared’s ability to penetrate into the body make for a spa service that clients need and want!

Do you have questions that we didn’t answer here? Let us know and we will be sure to give you the 4-1-1!

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