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4 Spa Services Your Customers Really Want

Going to the spa is one of our favorite pastimes. We can picture it now, tranquil music, soothing scents, fabulous products and a true feeling of relaxation. A visit to the spa is special, it’s about the experience, but it’s also about results. We know relaxation based spa services are among the top booked, but there are also services that offer pain relief, skin rejuvenation, detoxification and more. As a business owner, you must put yourself in your client’s spa sandals. Which wellness benefits are they searching for? It’s also crucial to take the demographic of your community into account, what types spa treatments will sell?

These thoughts (and memories of our last spa day) inspired us to dive into what spa services are wanted in today’s day spas and resort spas. We came up with 4 major groups, and while the type of treatment you offer under each category may vary these services are an excellent start to designing the perfect spa menu.

Spa Service: Massage

Tried and true, a massage is often a go-to spa favorite. While the type may range from gentle to deep most people can benefit from regular massage therapy. Studies show and regular spa-goers will agree, massage can reduce stress, lessen pain and muscle tension. But the list goes on, massage may also be helpful for detoxification, increasing the blood flow and a variety of other conditions including anxiety, insomnia, headaches, injuries and more. We think spa days should include a massage paired up with one of the following treatments, ah, so zen.

Spa Service: Facial

We all want great skin and experts say the appearance of our skin says a lot about our health. Each year, both men and women spend billions of dollars on facials and skin care regimens. Why? Facials are a spa service customers want. If you’ve never had a facial and you’re convinced washing your face over the sink each night is good enough, think again. Facials are known for moisturizing the skin, improving texture and tone, alleviating redness, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and deep cleansing. Many a skin condition can be solved with regular facials and many spas offer packages for customers who are working towards a skin care goal.

Spa Service: Infrared Body Wrap

Do you know someone who wants to lose weight or reduce cellulite? What about relieve pain and detoxify? Rejuvenate their skin and simply relax? That was a trick question, because we all know someone (maybe it’s you!) who would answer yes. These are the benefits an infrared body wrap can provide and the great news? One can achieve all of these benefits with just this one spa service!

Infrared heat has been used for centuries because the wellness benefits are second to none. As the infrared heat penetrates the body 1.5 inches’ fats and toxins are broken up and released through sweat glands. The infrared heat can also increase blood flow to relieve pain and rejuvenate the skin while lowering cortisol levels to leave the participant feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Spa Service: Body Scrub

We’ve talked about facials, but what about a facial for your body? Most body scrubs include a hands-on exfoliation followed by hydration and they are GREAT add-ons for the above listed services. Body scrubs are best known for removing dead skin cells and impurities to leave the skin feeling fresh, clean and rejuvenated. Dry skin can begin to look dull, but scrubbing the body with a dry brush, sugar, salt or coffee scrub can work wonders. Another plus? Body scrubs can stimulate blood circulation and detoxification.

Ready for a FIT tip? The four spa treatments listed above make the most heavenly packages. We know clients may not have the time to do all four, but you can mix and match! For example, a massage and facial make a drool-worthy combo. As does an infrared body wrap paired with massage, this duo is especially great for those looking for pain relief, relaxation and detoxification. The opportunities are endless, but ensuring your business offers one of each type of treatment listed above is a surefire way to please your customers!

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