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3 Ways Spas Incorporate Infrared Technology

A spa day can do a lot more than provide relaxation.

With fast-moving advancements in technology and service provider training, a visit to your favorite spa can now improve your health and wellness. The spa industry often revives centuries-old tips, products, and ingredients, revamping them to create a new beauty or wellness service. Infrared treatments are no different as they have been practiced and perfected by wellness practitioners for millennia.

The traditional day spa offers massage, facials, and body treatments, but the spas of today are thinking outside the box and providing specialty services. Take infrared heat for example. Wellness centers use the naturally occurring heat in a variety of ways. Some offer an infrared body wrap, others an infrared sauna and others utilize infrared heat to improve the condition of the skin.

Here are three ways your spa might incorporate infrared technology!

Infrared Can Improve Massage Benefits

Many spas take a combination approach using both hands-on touch and equipment for the services provided. For instance, spas that offer an infrared body wrap often incorporate massage with infrared sessions. Adding a thirty or sixty minute infrared session pre-massage can prepare the body for massage work. Furthermore, infrared is known for lowering cortisol levels so the participant can begin their deep relaxation journey sooner.

Like massage therapy, infrared therapy can soothe irritated nerve endings, calming them down resulting in relief. Infrared sessions can also assist with weight loss, skin rejuvenation, cellulite reduction and detoxification. Additionally, just like massage therapy, infrared sessions create a sense of relaxation, and they can support the participant with reaching their wellness goals.

infrared is the ideal specialty spa service

Flawless Skin with Infrared Heat

We all want great skin, and spa-goers know that regular facials are crucial. Infrared heat can provide complimentary benefits to those of a facial and offering both services in tandem is a real treat for the skin. Amazing full body effects happen during and after infrared immersion, due to increased blood flow and sweat production. The heat does not need to be applied to the face to improve the condition of facial skin. As it penetrates the body about one and a half inches, full body benefits area achieved.

Infrared Is an Effective Standalone Service

Though infrared heat pairs nicely with other services it can also be an incredibly effective treatment it’s in own right. By dispersing infrared rays from the body wrap system into the body, the infrared heats the body’s tissue to a depth of one and a half inches. Clients can enjoy safe, gentle heating that penetrates very deeply, allowing the body to produce an abundance of beneficial sweat.

Those who participate in infrared sessions have reported weight loss, detoxification, skin rejuvenation, pain relief and relaxation after one or multiple sessions. Therefore, infrared sessions are an effective spa offering.

With infrared, the possibilities are limitless. Infrared offers a comfy-cozy add on to most, if not all of the treatments on your menu. Many spa management teams have found that they elevate their list of services by adding a treatment that can be offered standalone or as an adjunctive treatment to grow spa revenues. As mentioned above, incorporating a bit of soothing infrared heat with spa services will not only encourage your client to relax, but it can assist them with pain relief, continued relaxation, detoxification and many wellness benefits.

Due to their versatility, infrared services can easily integrate with any spa menu, and make for an excellent add-on or standalone service.

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